Example sentences of "[noun sg] control over the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 I started it basically on my own initiative and I said that for six months I would use it on people that I was going to sentence just to maintain a one judge control over the project and see how it was going .
2 However , this system was devised primarily as a means of internal management control over the business sectors , rather than as a guide to the allocation of the PSO grant .
3 One major theme was that a system of court management of litigation , that is court control over the progress of cases , should be introduced .
4 The requirement of leave gives the court control over the proceedings from the very start , and because the respondent does not have to appear at the leave stage , it is relieved of the need to take any steps to get a weak claim struck out .
5 The symbolic roles of political leaders preoccupied Pareto and Mosca , who characterized them in a persistently cynical way as outright manipulation or fraud , simple tricks essential to the maintenance of elite control over the mass .
6 This , arguably , provides a diffuse but important form of decision control over the managers .
7 In the Jersey Royal Court Decision of May 1990 Rahman v Chase Bank ( CI ) Ltd , the settlor was given a substantial amount of de iure control over the trust funds .
8 And even without the separation of ownership and control , business complexity and the ‘ organisational distance ’ of shareholders from managers make owner control over the quality of management decision making , if not over the quality of managers , a fiction , suggesting a need for alternative mechanisms for supervising managerial competence .
9 Rejecting the simultaneous freeing of prices for most goods and services ( the so-called " Polish variant " ) , Ryzhkov announced " a stage-by-stage introduction of market methods of price formation combined with state control over the level and movement of prices " .
10 He argued in his essay On Liberty that State schools , with a State control over the curriculum , would be simply a means of producing a docile and bien pensant population , moulded in accordance with the wishes of the government of the day .
11 Most countries exert some degree of State control over the content and form of advertising .
12 In 1892 the exhibition of painting by Edvard Munch created a scandal after which state control over the Salon was reinforced .
13 Over the next few years , the coalition government worked on the framing of a federal law that laid the foundations of a much larger system of higher education — and opened the door to far more state control over the universities .
14 The Bureau was closed down in 1979 and an interesting experiment in State control over the geography of office location came to an end ( Manners and Morris , 1986 ) .
15 At Present it appears that advocates of big spending programmes , expanding the public sector , inflation-risking policies , and increasing state control over the economy are in a minority .
16 At 8.30am on his first day on the job , Mr Lobov summoned senior officials in his ministry and told them to draw up a plan for re-establishing state control over the economy .
17 Sometimes an expedition under orders from the Sibirskii prikaz ( Siberian Department ) in Moscow would be the first to penetrate into a region ; at other times hunters and traders would investigate a new river system on their own , later reporting their success to the local military governor ( voevoda ) , who would then penetrate the region asserting government control over the inhabitants .
18 You may recall that in 1976 a Church of Scotland minister , defending his action in shooting two of Gavin Maxwell 's adopted otter cubs as they were playing on the shore , argued that ‘ the Lord gave man control over the beasts of the field ’ .
19 After the initial primitive stage certain members of society gain control over the forces of production so permitting a minority to exploit the majority : under slavery the slave-owner exploits the slaves ; under feudalism the landlords exploit the serfs ; and under capitalism the bourgeoisie exploits the proletariat .
20 The threat of the 1974 Act was the challenge posed to agency control over the enforcement of regulatory deviance by publicity and a strict liability law .
21 But it also appears to depend upon the extent to which employer control over the workplace is enhanced by multi-employer bargaining rather than by independent , single-firm action .
22 Profitable mass production necessitated not only employer control over the planning and organisation of work , but also reliable , attentive and loyal workers to perform it .
23 The graphic EQ offers another range of tone control over the Carvin and , being switchable , could be seen as adding an extra channel .
24 Party control over the army , KGB , state administration , economic management and other public institutions and professional groups that staff them does not lead to unity of interest among them ( Hirszowicz 1976 , p. 270 ) .
25 Bakufu control over the country was never absolute , but rested on the administration 's ability to hold in check the ambitions of various provincial lords and play them off against each other .
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