Example sentences of "[prep] [adv] 10 [unc] cent " in BNC.

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1 The South accounts for approximately 10 per cent of world manufacturing capacity at present , and the Report 's objective was to raise this to 25 per cent by the year 2000 .
2 In this case , if the artist receives a 12 per cent royalty , and the producer requires a 2 per cent royalty on record sales , the artist is left with a royalty of only 10 per cent split between the members of the band .
3 But the family sizes of women married in 1945 and in 1954 after 10 years ' marriage were 1.79 and 1.96 children respectively — a difference of only 10 per cent .
4 In power since 1971 , he is a remarkable survivor among Arab leaders , the more so for being an Alawi — one of only 10 per cent of the Syrian population .
5 Based on figures calculated for the united Yemen throughout 1990 , the budget forecast a deficit reduction of some 27 per cent during 1991 , with a 43 per cent increase in revenue and an increase in expenditure of only 10 per cent .
6 Many are bronze mirrors with a normal tin content of approximately 10 per cent , which have been tinned to produce a silvery reflecting surface .
7 Drink sales averaged £180,000 per unit , showing an increase of approximately 10 per cent over the period .
8 The UNP — led by Chung Ju Yung , the founder of the Hyundai group , the country 's second-largest industrial conglomerate — secured 31 seats ( 24 in direct voting and seven in the national constituency ) after a vigorous , centrist , pro-business campaign , which attacked the economic record of the Roh government , and in particular its inability to reduce inflation , currently running at an annualized rate of approximately 10 per cent .
9 According to John Charcol , the mortgage broker , one or two schemes are still available , offering mortgages at a fixed rate of under 10 per cent .
10 It 's a far cry from the plight of the 1988 borrower , who took out a loan at a rate of under 10 per cent .
11 In this context Japan 's overwhelming dependence on imported oil set off the most severe economic recession since World War II and GNP actually fell by 1 per cent in 1974 after growing at an average rate of nearly 10 per cent in the previous six years .
12 The new company , which will be called Chiron , will have 1500 employees , although a reduction of about 10 per cent of the workforce is expected early in 1992 .
13 Experiments to test QCD give results with an error of about 10 per cent .
14 Ditton worked in the bakery over vacations for a few years and reckoned that each man had an illegal income of about 10 per cent of his bread sales , very little of which appeared as a loss in the firm 's financial records .
15 The prototype reproduces readings with an accuracy of about 10 per cent — on par with most petrol gauges .
16 Lead miners in the northern Pennines were earning 10s ( 50p ) a week by 1797 and 11s 6d ( 57½p ) by 1815 , whereas before the war they had been earning 7s 6d ( 37½p ) ; a money-wage increase of around 50 per cent over the war years seems indicated , implying a real-wage fall of about 10 per cent .
17 John Perry , chief executive of Unisys UK , added that the British subsidiary made a profit of around 10 per cent , in spite of the adverse economic climate .
18 Izvestiya of March 12 reported that officials were predicting a budget deficit in the first quarter of around 10 per cent of gross national product ( GNP ) against the government 's target of 1 per cent .
19 The aspirin and paracetamol market was worth £148 million — a healthy increase of almost 10 per cent on 1990 , said the market research group Datamonitor .
20 However , the process is by no means uniform and Table 5.3 shows that a small number of towns in the rural districts actually lost population between 1971 and 1981 , although the dominant trend was increases of over 10 per cent in both of the rural categories at the foot of the table .
21 As compared with regional showings in the GDR general election on March 13 , 1990 [ see pp. 37300-03 ] , the CDU share of the vote overall went up , due to an increase of over 10 per cent in support in Saxony ( where support for the DSU , however , dropped by a corresponding amount ) .
22 But the north of England , Yorkshire and Humberside fared significantly worse with increases in the number of business failures of over 10 per cent .
23 One estimate is that the new independent labels and distributors accounted , by the mid-1980s for nearly 10 per cent of British record sales .
24 Fifty per cent of cases involving three or more links were rated by social workers and police officers as ‘ poor communication ’ compared with only 10 per cent in cases of two links or less .
25 Given this array of serious offences committed by the AEC sample it is not surprising that the average number of previous convictions was seven , with only 10 per cent having no previous convictions compared with 28 per cent who had ten or more .
26 The trial was halted after one year instead of the planned three after 20 per cent of patients taking only zidovudine died compared with only 10 per cent of those taking a ‘ cocktail ’ of zidovudine and acyclovir .
27 After 12 weeks of using the Nicorette Patch , 41 per cent of smokers gave up compared with only 10 per cent who used a dummy patch .
28 Twenty per cent of widowed , divorced and separated women aged 30–44 were carers , compared with only 10 per cent of men of similar age and status .
29 Aldo Rico , a former lieutenant-colonel who led abortive military rebellions in 1987 and 1988 [ see pp. 35560-61 ; 36203 ] and who claimed to be representing the " dispossessed " , came an unexpected third with only 10 per cent of the vote .
30 Of a sample of 696 women derived from London settlement examinations 1750 to 1760 , almost 60 per cent were between 15 and 29 years old , with only 10 per cent in their forties .
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