Example sentences of "[noun sg] over a long period " in BNC.

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1 This can have a rather unsettling effect over a long period — the family man can not promise to take his children to the seaside or his wife out to dinner more than a week ahead without the chance that he might be in India , California or Scotland at the time he promised .
2 Pre-emptive local anaesthetic field block for inguinal herniorrhaphy resulted in reduced pain scores and a delay in requests for analgesia during the six hours studied by Ejlersen et al , but similar work detected no pre-emptive effect over a longer period .
3 Light : Requires plenty of bright light over a longer period than is required by most other plants .
4 Light : Requires bright light over a longer period than is required for most aquarium plants .
5 Light : Needs very good light over a longer period than is used for other water plants Water temperature : 68°–78°F .
6 This applied to many houses in the street , presumably brought about by the making up of the road with gravel over a long period .
7 There was considerable vaginal dilation ; in my view , only consistent with full penetration over a long period .
8 It may also be possible to argue that where the party has failed to respond to a notice of assignment from the purchaser , such lack of action over a long period is an implied consent where that party has dealt with the purchaser after completion .
9 If this analysis is accepted , then it is clear that the attempt over a long period of time to protect the position of those living in privately rented accommodation has failed and has , in fact , made the position worse .
10 Common sense as well as medical evidence tells us , however , that excessive drinking over a long period of time can lead to health problems — and that drinking vast quantities in a short space of time is both foolish and dangerous .
11 Records may have to be kept for reference over a long period of time and therefore they must be adequately protected .
12 Other families need help over a longer period , although the group is careful not to overlap with the work of professional staff from the social services .
13 Other types of skin cancer are associated with continued exposure to the sun over a long period .
14 The two main sets of circumstances to which the Act is normally applied relate first to mental disorder and secondly to self-neglect over a long period .
15 The directors are accordingly not obliged to maximise current profits in order to satisfy short-term demands for dividends at the expense of a growth in profitability over a longer period .
16 Permanent income can be thought of as the present value of the expected flow of income from the existing stock of both ‘ human ’ and ‘ non-human ’ wealth over a long period of time .
17 Recall from Chapter 19 that this is a long-run measure of income which can be thought of as the present value of the expected flow of income from the stock of human and non-human wealth over a long period of time .
18 The father , Mr P , also an English incomer to Orkney , had carried out various forms of abuse over a long period of time .
19 The majority of the work shown was very recent , but several of the pieces date back as much as 10 years revealing her fascination with the themes from classical mythology over a long period .
20 The explanation is that , given a totally unvarying diet over a long period of time , especially if it is from kittenhood right through into adult life , a cat 's ‘ food variety mechanism ’ gets worn down and is finally switched off altogether .
21 Poor timekeeping over a long period usually amounts to misconduct .
22 To know that there 's someone going to buy your crop over a long period of time , or part of your crop , ideally , over a long period of time , does help people to plan ahead .
23 Spruce needles certainly take longer to decay than some other leaves , releasing humic acid over a longer period but at a slower rate , but being a long standing constituent of the northern latitudes coniferous belt , spruce ( Picea ) is quite compatible with lakes well stocked with fish .
24 On the other hand , in certain other areas of our bulk chemicals we have been very successful in maintaining a good margin business over a long period of time .
25 Iron fittings could replace wooden components gradually , allowing major alterations to take place over a long period .
26 It had to take place over a long period , in the face of a prodigious number of uncontrolled variables which were likely to confuse the outcome .
27 The solidarity of the community is strengthened … by a shared history of living and working in one place over a long period of time … .
28 Those few casual workers in the catering industry who do seem to work on a more or less continuous , almost full-time basis over a long period for a single organisation ( the plaintiffs in the oft-cited " O'Kelly case " ) , tend to possess skills which that organisation , and indeed other potential employers , value .
29 If that 's the case , then we could argue , an and will do , that now is a good time to borrow on a fixed term basis over a long period .
30 When some sociologists talk of the ‘ socialization function of the family ’ , therefore , they are not talking of a family deliberately and consciously performing a function assigned to it from outside by ‘ society ’ , but rather of a more subtle process that arises out of the facts of being married , of sharing a residence over a long period of time , and of parenthood .
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