Example sentences of "[noun sg] [noun sg] all over the " in BNC.

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1 And in this sense , when we liberate South Africa we will also create , we hope a state in the world which will become foremost in fighting racism all over the world and at the lower level our community based organizations our non-governmental organizations that have across colour built up structures to move communities forward if our friends in Eastern Europe and elsewhere could see how that is done at grass roots level in the hell of racism as I say they would have a lot to learn .
2 We arrived after dark in a major city driving on roads that were tarmacked in places with workers going home from work milling all over the roads with not a street light to be seen !
3 ‘ Pre-wetting ’ provides further protection — jets of seawater spray all over the ship 's superstructure , so radioactive dust can not settle .
4 You lie feebly and sign the petition as quickly as possible , dripping exotic avocado body lotion all over the piece of paper .
5 ‘ Mum — ’ Nutty turned round and her mother let out a wild scream , shooting plum juice all over the tablecloth .
6 Later , in exile , she defended the festival saying that it brought to Iran purist , traditional art form all over the world .
7 This overflowed into front page news all over the world , even in papers which do not have a fashion page .
8 These were specially designed and manufactured by the firm of Waygood Otis Ltd , a company still involved with lift mechanism all over the world today .
9 Stick them with a dampened paint brush all over the top of the cake .
10 He came in and trampling this brake fluid all over the carpet .
11 As I learned more of missionary work all over the world , I began to realise that there had to be a tremendous effort to help undernourished people to grow their own food for themselves , a task which is still tragically unfinished , and will remain so until the nations of the world , rich and poor , combine together to sacrifice a meagre percentage of their gross national product , which experts calculate to be necessary to abolish hunger in a generation .
12 In spite of widely different histories and circumstances , many of the joys and sorrows of church music all over the world are familiar to us in this country .
13 I defer to none in my appreciation of the work done by the youth service all over the country .
14 Prior to coming to Save The Children through the media , I was more aware of your work , the emergency work all over the world .
15 ‘ Iron Lion Zion ’ , and that four-CD career retrospective , have reaffirmed BOB MARLEY 's rep as the mane man all over the world .
16 The US , clearly at its wits end , decided to show its concern for repression in Poland by beaming a special TV show all over the world , including Frank Sinatra singing in Polish .
17 Tilney always managed to make the business of cleaning one 's teeth sound like an electric drill demolishing part of the Barbican , while Wattling 's idea of washing his face was to chuck his flannel at it and spatter water all over the bathroom .
18 You 've spilt that old milkshake stuff all over the fridge Michael .
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