Example sentences of "[noun sg] which happen to be " in BNC.

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1 So we entered a genteel teashoppe/cafe which happened to be handy and ordered coffee , as so often before .
2 It 's just a graph of a function which happens to be a straight line .
3 As I understand it the Cleveland structure plan proposes the same number of dwellings for erm its next period which happens to be fourteen years , as it did for the last fourteen of the of the previous structure plan , fifteen thousand seven hundred .
4 Are you , the haulier , agreeing , for example , to supply a particular vehicle for haulage or to supply any lorry which happens to be available at the time the contract needs to be undertaken ?
5 Is there any reason to suppose that individual decisions on family size will result in an average which happens to be the replacement rate ?
6 My hon. Friends and I feel justified in asking for a special debate to call attention to the ridiculous fact that , at Humberstone , which is part of the EDDR route , a mile of new road costing £1.5 million has stood finished and unopened for over a year , while the county and city councils argue about a proposed route by the side of the clinic on Scraptoft lane through a recreation area which happens to be owned by the city council .
7 Now we 're part of government policy which happens to be hear no evil see no evil … one bloody monkey 's enough if he 's in the top job .
8 And there , as someone else said , erm earlier , organizing their party , the day of their life which happens to be also their wedding day , and those sort of parties are far more fun to work at than the far more stilted family affairs that do happen for younger people .
9 In 1795–6 , for example , the member of parliament for the county of Angus found himself much concerned with the fate of a piece of crown land which happened to be situated within the plantation lands in the island of St Vincent belonging to Patrick Cruickshank of Stracathro , one of the Angus freeholders .
10 The last sentence of each of ( 3 ) and ( 4 ) is structurally ambiguous between putting some biscuits into a bowl which happens to be on the floor , and putting some biscuits , which happen to be in a bowl , on the floor .
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