Example sentences of "[noun sg] [be] [prep] [art] corner " in BNC.

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1 Right at the end of the street was the wall of a very old building , the entrance being around the corner in Barnards Cross .
2 believing the big break is round every corner
3 Ginny bought some milk from Mr Ahmet 's Corner Emporium & Newsagent 's on the corner .
4 A good place for a separate cubicle is in a corner , because two of the necessary walls already exist , and only have to tiled .
5 By her fireside there was a settee and a table , ‘ and old granny was in the corner .
6 I used to do all sorts of other jobs to keep going — I used to be so confident that work was round the corner that when I became a cellarman in a wine shop , I said to my family , ‘ Of course , I 'll only be here for a week or two , you know , ’ and a year later I was still there .
7 The warren is round the corner of the wood opposite . "
8 ‘ This damning report blows away the the last remaining pretence that recovery is round the corner , ’ Labour industry spokesman Robin Cook said last night .
9 He said he 'd met Oliver in the florist 's round the corner on his way to the station .
10 ‘ There 's a chemist 's round the corner . ’
11 The Macedonian government was able to press its claim for recognition , which had been blocked by Greece , by threatening that war was around the corner .
12 The rise in unemployment frustrated the government 's spending plans , because of the rising costs of social security ; it also undermined the credibility of the government 's claims that its economic strategy was working and that economic recovery was around the corner .
13 The return of socialism would be the ‘ road to nowhere , a dead end ’ at a time when economic recovery was around the corner .
14 The shop was round the corner in Back Lane .
15 ‘ Perhaps the cathedral is round the corner and that is the Taj Mahal . ’
16 His mother had done them — her name was in the corner .
17 Some say a new era of enlightenment is around the corner , some say that consciousness is quietly entering the mainstream , while others see a grim world of confusion and chaos ( not chaos theory but just plain chaos ) .
18 When , a little later , she ran out to the post , she took sixpence with her , and went into the confectioner 's at the corner of the road to buy some mint humbugs .
19 Under it , major changes in reserves would have created an overwhelming presumption that a change in the exchange rate was around the corner , and thus encouraged speculation on what was in effect a certain bet .
20 At my Mum-in-law 's the sink was in the corner , not under the window where it is now …
21 The entrance to Cathy Carne 's flat was around the corner — a wooden stairacse , well maintained , with a canopied landing at the top .
22 You know a miracle will not happen but you find yourself behaving as if it might : we canvassed , those weeks before the election , with a heady feeling that success was round the corner .
23 Wagamama is around the corner from the British Museum , through a discreet glass door , past a sand-filled ashtray and down some stairs to a big white basement with a shiny open kitchen at one end .
24 The shape of the budget line changes to 175 ; after point 7 the individual can consume more of good X , but to do so she must give up some quantity of good Y. In the example shown the new welfare maximum for the individual is on the corner point , 7 .
25 In 1790 Quaker William Kitching opened an ironmonger 's on the corner with Prebend Row .
26 If the structure is on a corner or vacant lot , the city will build a career counselling centre or a recreation area respectively .
27 Only five minutes walk from central Amalfi and close to the seafront this hotel is on a corner site of the main coast road and boasts an intriguing past .
28 The cinema was round the corner and
29 By 1702 , the house and grounds were held by Richard Boyle , the third Earl of Burlington , also the fourth Earl of Cork , who travelled extensively and had many influential friends , including Alexander Pope , who was considered to be head of the literary world and who moved with his parents , in 1716 , to the end house of Dr. Matthias Mawson 's new buildings ( Mawson Row ) , that end house being on the corner of Chiswick Lane and a lane that later became known as Mawson Lane ( now obliterated by the dual carriageway of the Great West Road Extension A.4. ) ; that end house , in due course , becoming a Public House named Fox and Hounds , following Alexander Pope 's removal to Strawberry Hill at Twickenham .
30 " The house is around the corner .
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