Example sentences of "[noun sg] [be] around the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Right at the end of the street was the wall of a very old building , the entrance being around the corner in Barnards Cross .
2 IBM is very touchy on the issue of morale : last week in New York when we got around to asking Bill Filip what the mood was around the joint , the spin doctors converged and shuffled him off .
3 The Macedonian government was able to press its claim for recognition , which had been blocked by Greece , by threatening that war was around the corner .
4 The rise in unemployment frustrated the government 's spending plans , because of the rising costs of social security ; it also undermined the credibility of the government 's claims that its economic strategy was working and that economic recovery was around the corner .
5 The return of socialism would be the ‘ road to nowhere , a dead end ’ at a time when economic recovery was around the corner .
6 IBM Corp 's personal computer business was around the break-even level or may have been profitable in the first three months of this year , the president of IBM Personal Computer Co Robert Corrigan told the New York Times : he says he thinks ‘ people will be surprised at how quickly we 're bringing this business back , ’ and that it should be solidly profitable before year-end ; problem is that its closest rivals , Compaq Computer Corp and Dell Computer Corp , which both faced the same problems as IBM , adjusted to the change in the market much more quickly , and rushed appropriate machines out while IBM procrastinated , so that they are already strongly profitable while IBM is still having to build up momentum .
7 It turns out that the minimum cell volume and interstack distance are around the values ( TMTSF ) 2 CO 4 , the only organic salt known to go superconducting at atmospheric pressure .
8 Consultant pathologist Dr Brian Rogers said Jacob had no congenital malformations and died from a lack of oxygen which was probably caused by the umbilical cord being around the neck before birth .
9 Now that the exchange rate is around the $1.40 to $1.45 mark there could be a case for going back but we might have the difficulty of seeming opportunistic .
10 Some say a new era of enlightenment is around the corner , some say that consciousness is quietly entering the mainstream , while others see a grim world of confusion and chaos ( not chaos theory but just plain chaos ) .
11 This catchment area is around the lakes of Ullswater and Hawes Water from both of which water is piped to Manchester .
12 Biddlecombe 's new beat is around the horse sales … his year 's of racing expertise is being harnessed at last … and the best news of all is that he may soon be back in the saddle
13 Under it , major changes in reserves would have created an overwhelming presumption that a change in the exchange rate was around the corner , and thus encouraged speculation on what was in effect a certain bet .
14 The entrance to Cathy Carne 's flat was around the corner — a wooden stairacse , well maintained , with a canopied landing at the top .
15 The most comprehensive available data on exploration for tin-tungsten is around the Mulberry open pit near Bodmin ; a large low-grade deposit .
16 Wagamama is around the corner from the British Museum , through a discreet glass door , past a sand-filled ashtray and down some stairs to a big white basement with a shiny open kitchen at one end .
17 A more specific example of how the culture of work profoundly influences the industrial worker is around the issue of assessment .
18 Dr Margaret Ashwell told the conference that the worst form of middle-age spread was around the middle as the traditional beer-belly shape meant more fat was concentrated where it does most harm — around the internal organs .
19 " The house is around the corner .
20 By about five weeks the embryo is around the size of the smaller illustration and is highly developed .
21 Its current value is around the £250–300 mark
22 Armies chose these banks as suitable places for crossing the Rhine , and a particularly eventful time was around the end of the eighteenth century and the start of the next .
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