Example sentences of "have [vb pp] a [adj -er] time " in BNC.

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1 He started up twenty years ago , he could not have picked a better time .
2 Among people in their fifties there is a marked sense that , " if only I had been born 20 years later I could have had a better time ! "
3 If she had been married to Francis , Mary might have had a harder time for he was a consummate bed player .
4 If Peggy herself had had one tenth of such devotion from her father she would have had a happier time as a child .
5 He had made a few calls , but could n't have chosen a worse time to be setting up a casual liaison .
6 SINEAD Donaghy could n't have chosen a better time to score her first goal of the season .
7 We had a beautiful Spring holiday on the Beauly Firth , and could not have chosen a better time to be there , with all the different kinds of foliage on the hillsides , and the spring flowers on the banks .
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