Example sentences of "could [be] [vb pp] to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Boris Pyankov , discussed which sections of the armed forces stationed in the republic could be transferred to Moldovan control .
2 What they did deny were ‘ indicative ’ signs , by which we could be led to indirect knowledge of something naturally hidden , such as pores in the skin .
3 Depends how much ma if you , maybe new P C these days , it would normally have it already on it four thousand K of memory , and three thousand left could be converted to expanded memory , but it 's not worth it only use five hundred K of it probably .
4 Another significant finding was that there was no difference in basal UOS pressure in children whose problems could be ascribed to oesophagopharyngeal reflux when compared with children in other groups .
5 ( Most of the examples come from England , although they could be generalized to other common-law systems . )
6 Local authorities , housing associations , community groups , government agencies , private developers and building societies were all represented at the launch , where they were told how Middlesbroughwrought experience and expertise could be applied to similar schemes nationwide , with the SkillBuilding social enterprise company offering guidance on planning , funding , construction and long-term management and also able to act as developer or sub-contractor .
7 The same kind of basic research continued after the war and provided the groundwork for endless discoveries which could be applied to peaceful ends .
8 Suddenly I realized that many of the techniques that Penrose and I had developed to prove singularities could be applied to black holes .
9 It seemed reasonable to suppose that such benefits could be applied to other districts of the city without necessarily designating housing improvement schemes .
10 Perhaps that principle could be applied to other opportunity areas .
11 My account of deixis is such that the methodology could be applied to other kinds of discourse , both literary and non-literary .
12 The principles of historical criticism could be applied to religious disciplines other than biblical ones , most notably to the development of doctrine .
13 For example , Prentky , in his book Creativity and Psychopathology , tabulates the probable psychiatric diagnoses that could be applied to certain eminent writers , artists , scientists and composers .
14 Possibly such ideas could be applied to fine tune aloof measurements by distinguishing between different regions of the image and applying weights .
15 But then ‘ it is difficult to see how analytical reason could be applied to dialectical reason and claim to establish it , if the two are defined by mutually exclusive characteristics ’ .
16 This volume , and volumes of readings on Environmental Geomorphology and Landscape Conservation ( Coates , 1972 , 1973 ) , have revitalized the scope and focus of geomorphology and the approach contained could be applied to physical geography as a whole .
17 Claiming that some weapons equipment " could be diverted to civilian use " , Aziz stressed that Iraq had to be allowed to establish civilian industries which would " benefit our people " .
18 It seems American officials fear that the technology could be diverted to military purposes .
19 Additions could be made to existing New Towns around London , particularly Stevenage and Harlow , but also at Basildon , Crawley and Hemel Hempstead , and also to a dozen other towns in the South-east , all of which offered scope for an expansion of at least 30,000 population : Aylesbury , Banbury , Bedford , Chelmsford , Colchester , Hastings , Maidstone , Medway Towns , Norwich , Poole , Reading and Southend .
20 That way , protection could be extended to small airlines , such as Virgin , in the winter months , enabling them to lower fares in the summer months .
21 Competitive tendering could be extended to certain medical services as well .
22 What they pleaded for was further experimentation and what they hoped was that the new techniques and acting styles could be extended to other types of films .
23 He claims that the process could be extended to other waste disposal tasks : " Anything which can devour a Trabi probably has an appetite for a lot more besides . "
24 He has selected Darlington and Durham city for the pilot programme which , if successful , could be extended to other towns in the region .
25 The model most frequently projected by medics was of a militarized conception of health , which could be extended to key groups within civil society .
26 Rice , coal and rubber were sold abroad for the exclusive benefit of French shareholders in Europe , and Annamese coolies were driven hard in the mines and on the rubber plantations for paltry pay ; peasant rice growers , too , were frequently robbed of their lands on flimsy pretexts so that bigger holdings could be granted to French colons and the few rich Annamese who collaborated with France .
27 I have been sufficiently foolhardy to raise the issue from time to time with small groups of individuals who put their point of view to me when it is easy to be civilised and who propose arrangements whereby Sunday trading could be limited to certain times , to shops of a particular size , to the selling of particular goods or to certain types of shop .
28 Harmonisation could be limited to essential requirements in order for health and public safety considerations to be accounted for , and to ensure technical compatibility of products .
29 This lovely fragment from a larger drinking-vessel , the kantharos ( one is held by Dionysos often , as in fig. 56 ) , shows how Kleitias 's elegant strength could be raised to monumental weight and power ; and it is this combination that marks the central tradition in Attic black-figure .
30 The Americans would have thousands of surplus transport aircraft that could be turned to civil use , and a well-developed transport aircraft industry ; the British , on the other hand , would have virtually none .
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