Example sentences of "her [noun sg] at the time " in BNC.

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1 If we ascribe this to the archetype of the Great Mother , then it seems that her presence at the time of death reveals one of her most compassionate aspects .
2 But once Mona , daughter of the PLO 's chief fund-raiser , had admitted that he had enjoyed a summer holiday on her money at the time of the Gulf crisis , the gap-toothed Lothario was on his bike .
3 That book portrayed her as an insecure child , who had overcome her unhappiness at the time of her mother 's elopement by zealously nursing her younger brother .
4 Police withdrew the fine and three penalty points when Nichola , 37 , explained no-one was behind the wheel of her car at the time .
5 Had it not been for the critical response to her work at the time , she might now be recorded differently in our history books .
6 Mrs Hepburn said she had been living with her husband at the time of the alleged crimes but was now in the process of divorcing him .
7 Merlyn demanded to know why he had not reported her departure at the time .
8 She was adamant that she had been wearing her G-string at the time — round her ankle .
9 The woman was at war with her father at the time . ’
10 On this occasion the 24-year-old occult fanatic was cleared of the charge because he claimed he was misinformed of her age at the time of the offence .
11 The symptoms she endured varied from month to month , worsening or improving according to the circumstances of her life at the time .
12 ‘ Kathleen was a martyr to her migraine at the time , as you know , otherwise we should have invited you to stay with us when you were discharged .
13 Even though her boyfriend at the time was against this , she was determined not to be persuaded to have another baby .
14 Her boyfriend at the time of the outrage , Patrick Shotter ( 47 ) , is also serving life for the Ballykelly murders .
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