Example sentences of "can be [vb pp] to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Despite hopes that some tasks inappropriate to junior doctors can be delegated to other groups of staff the new deal on juniors ' hours risks worsening the situation by increasing the intensity of work still further , notwithstanding the shorter working week .
2 Written in C and C++ , the software comes with what the firm calls a universal dictionary — a set of object mechanisms which can be tailored to individual requirements — and an inference engine , which generates the SQL statements .
3 Written in C and C++ , the software comes with what the firm calls a universal dictionary — a set of object mechanisms which can be tailored to individual requirements — and an inference engine which generates the SQL statements .
4 This awareness has driven us to evolve new systems that can be tailored to local needs and which reflect current advances in auditing techniques . ’
5 Thus the cleaning can be tailored to different surfaces .
6 It is an attempt to partition the intellectual content of a subject area so that individual elements can be mapped to recognisable and clearly defined sub-areas .
7 Massey agrees that the fate of entities which are part of large spatially diverse enterprises can be related to explicit planning decisions , but considers that it is dangerous to somehow regard such actions as ‘ worse ’ than the consequences of the anonymous system forces of capitalism as manifested through market relations .
8 The supposedly most securely dated vessels are those which can be related to Continental chronologies ; vessels which occur on the Continent but not in England date to before the migration , those on both sides of the North Sea to the migration period itself , and those which are only found in England must have developed after the migration period .
9 Not only is the method not scientific but , to the extent that Marx did make certain historical prophecies which can be related to empirical evidence over long periods of time , these can be examined and by and large they have not proved to be valid .
10 Although perhaps the paradigm for the village school was some idyllic haven seen on a summer 's day , the report is still a good review of the position and can be related to other parts of Western Europe .
11 While I will argue that structuralism offers a way of understanding knowledge as language that can be related to other social practices without reduction to an individual knowing subject , it is to the Marxist theory of ideology that I will turn to help describe the nature of the relationship .
12 Library education will be more effective if the student understands what he is doing and why he is doing it — that is , if new facts can be related to existing knowledge .
13 Unfortunately , despite the widespread excavations at Alcester , little has been found which can be related to religious practices .
14 Lineaments highlighted by imaging techniques are evidence of the nature of Caledonian orogenesis , and variations in image texture can be related to specific geological terrains .
15 The activities of delinquent fans might be more intelligible if they can be related to particular roles and positions with respect to other fans .
16 The parameters appearing in the Richards functions can be related to biological factors .
17 Angular scales , on the microwave background can be related to linear scales , λ , at the present epoch by .
18 The need to feel wanted by or necessary to others is in all of us but this need can be magnified to immense proportions in those who suffer from the family disease .
19 We do not know whether most of what we have observed in this field can be generalized to other fields or , indeed , to less intensively studied parts of the same field .
20 This race is distinctly darker than our British bird and can be seen to good advantage on Sea-lion Island , the most southerly inhabited island in the Falklands .
21 But the absence , say , of sterile dressing packs can be turned to good use .
22 Instead , shutters on the walls can be turned to horizontal , with only a fine insect mesh between you and the cooling Caribbean breezes blowing through your room .
23 Other chemicals media are available , but generally they can be limited to quick removal of disease treatments .
24 An art critic may have difficulty in deciding how far the picture needs to be considered as devotional imagery , and how far discussion can be limited to artistic merits .
25 Very often assessment of a child 's language is required in order that it can be presented to other professionals who are seeking to help that child .
26 This process is called inovulation , and can be likened to artificial insemination , in that the egg cell is deliberately removed from the woman 's body , and reinserted after fertilization .
27 Verbivore combines the fantastic ontological postulates of Amalgamemnon with the basically realistic postulates of Xorandor , creating a hybrid form which can be likened to magic realism as practised by many Spanish-American writers , and more recently by a number of British authors .
28 Other individual fluctuations can be assigned to specific causes with reasonable certainty .
29 3 Service squads : mature students can be assigned to special duties such as looking after audio-visual equipment or charts .
30 If there are several competing paths , only those paths that can be matched to long words are continued , and a short word will only be retrieved from the buffer if none of the possible paths can be matched to a long word .
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