Example sentences of "can be [verb] to be " in BNC.

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1 The induction in the core is magnified by the high permeability , except in the saturation regions where the result can be seen to be a trapezoidal induction waveform ( Fig. 3 ) .
2 For example , successive homeobox genes can be seen to be active , the further away from the polarizing region the cell is .
3 When a thin section of a basalt is examined under a microscope , it can be seen to be made up of a closely-felted mass of interlocking needle-like crystals of feldspar , a millimetre or so long , with a scattering of more colourful tiny crystals of olivine and pyroxene and some black opaque specks of iron oxides .
4 At first this might sound a little too simple — or a clever exit from responsibility — but if thought about can be seen to be true .
5 The document is especially interesting in retrospect because it can be seen to be a fairly crude thought about the need to escape the deadening effects of 16+ examining .
6 In this context , management development can be seen to be any learning experience undergone by those holding managerial roles in an organisation .
7 As the NHS enters the 1990s , its organisation can be seen to be undergoing a ‘ third wave ’ of change .
8 This can be seen by computing the scalar invariant given here by ( 9.22 ) Using ( 9.6 ) and ( 9.13 ) , I can be seen to be unbounded when for all values of k 1 and k 2 in the required range ( 9.9 ) .
9 The singularity occurs when , and thus can be seen to be associated with the focusing singularity in region IV .
10 The Ferrari-Ibañez ( 1986,1987 a ) solution can be seen to be a modification of the Khan-Penrose solution , while the more general case is a generalization of the Szekeres solution ( 10.19 ) with .
11 ( 10.45 ) By a comparison with ( 10.37 ) and ( 10.19 ) , this can be seen to be a generalization both of the above Ferrari Ibañez solution and also of the Szekeres class of solutions described in Chapter 9 .
12 To be precise , in the original class of solutions given by Yurtsever ( 1988 a ) , V is taken in the form ( 10.77 ) which can be seen to be generalizations of the degenerate Ferrari-Ibañez solution described in Section 10.5 .
13 ( vi ) The solution of Tsoubelis and Wang ( 1989 ) given by ( 10.44 ) has ( 11.33 ) This can be seen to be a generalization of ( 11.29 ) and ( 11.32 ) , and its properties can immediately be deduced .
14 Thus the difference in the polarization of the approaching waves in this situation can be seen to be equivalent to the rotational parameter in the Kerr solution .
15 Having examined Christianity , he recognizes that if it is true ( as it claims to be and as the third level promises to show how it can be seen to be ) , it does provide the necessary answer .
16 Referring back to the main circuit diagram , Fig. 2 , resistor R5 can be seen to be the charge resistor for capacitor C3 , whilst a rapid discharge occurs predominantly through R6 .
17 The individual can be seen to be struggling to reconcile these two states .
18 That way you can be seen to be doing a good job and will have more opportunity for improving your pay and possibly being promoted .
19 When a whisker grows from solution or from vapour there generally first appears a very fine filament or leader which in the electron microscope can be seen to be almost perfectly smooth .
20 Bearing in mind that the Earth is only about 150 million kilometres from the Sun , the chances of one of our spores being captured by any potentially life-sustaining planet of a Centauri can be seen to be very slender indeed .
21 Commerce can be seen to be more closely regulated from the late seventh and eighth centuries onwards in the form of manufacturing and trading centres ( Hodges 1982a ) , although these certainly do not necessarily imply free trade ; in fact , quite the opposite , for the evidence from Saxon Southampton , Hamwic , indicates that the craftsman there were as tied and organised as the rural ‘ peasantry ’ .
22 This for Lévi-Strauss is tied up with the business of ‘ science ’ , which aims to discover truths that are universal and that can be seen to be a product of their method .
23 Though the panther 's coat looks totally black , in certain lights it can be seen to be patterned with even darker spots .
24 A great deal of care in both societies , however , can be seen to be effective , and a good deal more can not be evaluated at all .
25 In this manner the alleged dispensation of justice can be seen to be in direct conflict with the best interests of air safety .
26 Explanations of this kind have a certain political attractiveness — by making training , selection and deployment the target of reform , things can be done , they can be seen to be done , and they can be done relatively cheaply too .
27 Things matter if , as themes , they can be seen to be frequently returned to in the documents and , moreover , to be responding to the stated purposes of Pope John in calling the Council .
28 Out of this , we can arrive perhaps at some principles of practice which can be seen to be both compatible with normalisation ( in our preferred sense ) and supportive of self-advocacy .
29 Since the new forms of treatment set up have not reduced the demand for state hospital admissions and the alternatives so far devised have not guaranteed more cost-effective services , the move into the community can be seen to be reaching a critical stage of development .
30 The more sociological aspects of psychoanalytic theory appear now to be based on firmer foundations , for the theory of the development of the person can be seen to be grounded in the therapeutic encounters of psychoanalysis .
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