Example sentences of "has been for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 erm The response has been for that authority then to groin its bit of beach , and so we end up with a situation today where along the Sussex coast practically the whole of the coast is groined , except for the areas which are backed by high cliffs , erm where we have the sorts of rates of erosion that I mentioned .
2 Basically , the tradition has been for financial landowners to pursue the investment route by building shopping centres as a long-term project , e.g. the Coal Industry Pension fund in North Shields .
3 The chief way out of this difficulty has been for empirical studies to focus on surrogates for power , rather than directly on the exercise of power itself .
4 The place anciently belonged to the Fauconbergs , but has been for many generations the seat of the Bethells .
5 The 18th baron , who inherited the title three years ago , has sensibly decided to stay on at the Dower House , where he has been for many years .
6 The 18th baron , who inherited the title three years ago , has sensibly decided to stay on at the Dower House , where he has been for many years .
7 Suppose State C has been for many years the major supplier of wheat to State A. If States A and B make an agreement that A will buy wheat from B instead of from C , this will affect C which will have to decide upon its response .
8 The Heart of Wales Line is now under greater threat than it has been for many years , because of financial pressures from British Rail in general and Regional Railways in particular .
9 However , the truth of the matter is that the Scottish economy is in a better state now than it has been for many years and is continuing to thrive .
10 I know that that is not entirely agreeable to some of my hon. Friends and to some Opposition Members , but that is the fact of life — and has been for many years .
11 The census has been for many years now an important instrument , among a range of such instruments , in the administration of the welfare state .
12 She keeps busy with local activities and has been for many years editor of her church magazine .
13 Norfolk has been for many years one of our Medau strongholds and it is for this reason that the Society decided to select this prestigious location .
14 erm Listeners will probably know that there has been for many years what 's called the Schools Council , which has looked at erm curriculum matters and examination matters , and a year or so ago it was decided to discontinue the Schools Council , and to replace it by two successor committees , one the School Curriculum Development Committee , which you 've already mentioned and which I chair , and a parallel committee concerned with examinations , the School Examination , sorry the Secondary Examination Council , which is chaired by a mathematician , Sir Wilfred Cockroft .
15 Since the inter-war years , Britain has been for many people an upwardly mobile society , with children from working-class homes winning jobs in the expanding service class .
16 Has been for six years .
17 The trauma underlying religion , which has been for long periods of time forgotten , remaining latent in the unconscious , was also a mixture of sexuality and aggression .
18 Although the triple junctions identified in Africa , including those along the continental margin as well as those in the interior , have variously evolved by spreading along one , two or all three rift arms , the most common sequence has been for one arm to remain inactive and form an aulacogen , with spreading occurring along the other two ( Fig. 4.13 ) .
19 Indeed , the trend in the recent past has been for such experiments to get simpler and simpler ( more and more transparent ) in terms of the decision-problems given to the subjects .
20 This needs materials scientists , whose contribution is likely to be as decisive for biosensor research as it has been for mainstream biomaterials research .
21 But the broad trend has been for this gap between the experience of rich and poor worlds to narrow ( see the graph on Page 16 ) .
22 ‘ Miss Kenton ’ is properly speaking ‘ Mrs Benn and has been for twenty years .
23 Although annual rail investment , at more than £1bn , is currently higher than it has been for three decades , that results from decisions taken two to three years ago .
24 ‘ I know David and Cath were planning a normal family Christmas at home , the way it has been for several years , ’ Mrs Smith said .
25 ‘ I know David and Cath were planning a normal family Christmas at home , the way it has been for several years .
26 The drug AZT , an inhibitor of DNA synthesis , has been for several years the only treatment for those with symptoms of overt AIDS .
27 The mute swan population stands at the highest it has been for 40 years .
28 ‘ Do n't think this is merely habit , ’ he said , ‘ though habit it has been for twenty-five years .
29 One way out of the dilemma has been for larger Japanese companies to reduce transaction costs with outside suppliers by promising continuity in their subcontracting arrangements .
30 There has been for some years a basic agreement that the parliamentary salary should be sufficient to prevent MPs feeling the need to seek supplementary income .
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