Example sentences of "been used for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The teacher was furious that the photograph taken in her new school on the outskirts of Middlesbrough had been used for political purposes .
2 Salt has been used for many centuries as a preservative , whereby it is left on food to withdraw the moisture present by the process of osmosis .
3 This had a separate entrance and had been used for many purposes — the storage of deeds by the Wilts and Dorset Bank , prior to this by Mr. Peru , a solicitor , but when I was a small boy it had been leased to The Haunch of Venison Inn as a wine store and bottling plant .
4 The publication of correspondence between famous people has been used for many years for the purposes of scholastic enquiry .
5 The ERNIE machine is a modern computerized form of sampling by ‘ random numbers ’ which has been used for many years in research .
6 G. affinis is a small ( 4.6 cm long ) , surface-feeding minnow which originated in the United States and has been used for many years in many parts of the world to control mosquito larvae .
7 It is possible to break out of the straight-jacket by applying an idea that had been used for many years in thinking about the psychology of classification and aesthetics ( McLlelland & Clark , 1933 ; Berlyne , 1960 ) .
8 It had been used for many years as a staff hostel for an Oxford Street department store .
9 The experience curve itself was developed from the concept of the learning curve , which had been used for many years in industries where it was observed that labour time fell as the workforce accumulated experience in producing more of a particular type of unit .
10 Let us begin by trying to understand the rationale for the system ; after all , it has been used for many years and must presumably have had some point to it .
11 They have been used for many years as propellants in aerosols , in the production of some foam packaging and as coolants in refrigerators .
12 It has been used for many years in traveller 's diarrhoea , as a colostomy deodoriser , and as an antispirochetal agent in syphilis .
13 These are in addition to applications in the detergents field , in which it has been used for many years .
14 Our system of construction has been used for many years all over this country , by the sponsoring authorities and others , and erm we do n't have the earthquake requirements , but we do need many high value schools both quickly and on time , and we 've completed something like 2,000 projects similar to this over many years .
15 Therefore my own chapel which has not been used for two generations but for a lumber room , because our family seldom resided here long together , shall be cleared and cleaned and got ready for the ceremony .
16 Robin Chambers , the principal of Stoke-Newington school in South London , where the programme has been used for two months , says : ‘ We are ironing out a few difficulties , for instance getting the individual answer sheet completed in the correct way and working out who has the time to do it .
17 The top coin shows Henry VII ( 1485-1509 ) ; it is the same generic royal image which had been used for two centuries , as can be seen from the close similarity of the image used by Edward I ( compare fig. 3 ) .
18 There had been a shop in Street I which is still there but it 's been used for other things now .
19 PLATO has been used for other library user education applications such at teaching the use of online catalogues ( see Chapter Three ) .
20 Although this procedure had been used for administrative purposes in Normandy ( where the English example of Domesday Book was an inspiration ) and in Anjou before Geoffrey le Bel 's conquest of Normandy , the Feoda marked an important step in its use in eastern France .
21 Lying to the south-west of Worcester city , St Wulstan 's had not historically been used for mental health services .
22 The Liverpool Street dungeon was known , incongruously , as the gymnasium , presumably in memory of its intended purpose , though it had long been used for general storage .
23 A similar undated sequence was recorded in Green Cutting to the east , where the courtyard had obviously been used for industrial activities prior to the demise of the associated building .
24 The pose is certainly borrowed from Egypt , where it had been used for male figures for centuries .
25 Self expandable biliary stents have been used for palliative treatment of malignant biliary strictures .
26 The earliest Quaker meeting-houses , such as Jordans in Buckinghamshire , Colthouse in Lancashire , Skipton in Yorkshire , and Marazion in Cornwall , were built in the vernacular style of the late seventeenth century and closely resembled the farm buildings which had been used for Quaker services prior to 1688 .
27 A value of £3 million has been used for that purpose .
28 It has never been used for that purpose , although Sir Anthony Eden contemplated invoking it for government propaganda during the Suez crisis , and during the Falklands recapture it provided the legal basis for the Government 's use of BBC transmitters on Ascension Island to beam propaganda broadcasts at Argentina .
29 The money has not been used for that purpose .
30 Centres have been used for cooperative curriculum development planning ( what in America would be called " curriculum workshops " ) , teachers in similar subject fields from a number of neighbouring schools meeting together to share inspiration , experience and effort .
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