Example sentences of "been [vb pp] for [adj] time " in BNC.

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1 The need for regulatory change had been mooted for some time .
2 Laws to prohibit discrimination on the ground of disability and to advance equal opportunities for disabled Britons have been mooted for some time .
3 An attempt to remove Kevin Maxwell has been mooted for some time .
4 That system had been intended for some time .
5 The release of these chemicals following drainage has been recognized for some time , but researchers at the Australian national research organization ( CSIRO ) now offer an explanation of the cause and also point to the great risks involved in large-scale land reclamation projects .
6 Over 40,000 people staged a demonstration in Buenos Aires on Dec. 30 against the decision , which had been forecast for some time .
7 That ache that she thought had been satiated for all time was back within her .
8 This comes even when death has been expected for some time , but is even more dramatic when the death is sudden .
9 The third had been expected for some time .
10 When somebody had been convicted of the offence , or no other offences had been committed for some time , the names were removed from the police station notice board — the police needed the space there — and put in a file or destroyed .
11 However , top management became aware that all of the work-force reductions , although necessary , were not attacking the basic problem : the organization had been designed for another time in history rather than for the competitive world in which it now lived .
12 Some would argue that the real problem lies in the fact that shares had been overvalued for some time , and that prices were likely to fall , and that the above events provided the impetus .
13 The research has been done for some time and the results have been known for some time , yet still the Government do nothing .
14 The Court of Appeal decided to undertake a review of the basic principles of the law in this area and as this has not been done for some time we now set out in detail what they held .
15 It has been felt for some time that the procedure and forms relating to the granting of legal aid in criminal causes could be improved , and the introduction of legal aid in the District Courts has led to the position being scrutinised and a new procedure and application form introduced .
16 This problem in combining general relativity and the uncertainty principle had been suspected for some time , but was finally confirmed by detailed calculations in 1972 .
17 It has been suspected for some time that North Korea has been working on a nuclear device .
18 Efforts have been made for some time to get this off the ground and a successful public meeting was held at Newtown at the end of April .
19 Although it has not been seen for some time , the manuscript may contain a specimen of Mary Leapor 's handwriting .
20 After a while the station returned to normal , Charlotte had n't been seen for some time , and Albert had been killed in World War I so all three participants in the awful tragedy had gone for ever , or had they ?
21 Do n't be discouraged by this , as it is a good sign that you have stretched muscles that have not been used for some time .
22 This has n't been used for some time so it 's a bit so I 'm just going to wipe it out so there are no particles or foreign bodies in there .
23 Bound , hard cover books , laboratory notebooks have been used for some time and have a strong pedigree .
24 It has been advanced for some time by both the Liberal party and the Electoral Reform Society .
25 The difficulties in comparing the two modes of treatment have been understood for some time .
26 This has been recognised for some time , perhaps most articulately in France , as one of the attainments to be expected from a top-class academic teacher and researcher , with an outstanding ability in accurate communication with the men ( and women ) in the street : haute popularisation .
27 The need for such a centre has been recognised for some time .
28 It had been recognised for some time that only through rationalisation into larger productive and distributive units could the movement overcome the damaging rivalries among societies in the same neighbourhood , and through economies of scale promote further growth .
29 The importance of the environmentally fragile coastal zone has been recognised for some time , and in response to growing concern for coastal environments under pressure , a new group has been set up in BGS to draw on the experience of land and marine geologists , sedimentologists and coastal engineers The geology of a strip round the coast of the United Kingdom , which in places extends several kilometres offshore , is largely unexplored .
30 The importance of the coastal zone has been recognised for some time , and a new group has now been formed in BGS in response to growing concern for the environments under pressure in this potentially fragile area .
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