Example sentences of "been [verb] [prep] [adj] [noun prp] " in BNC.

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1 Pressure on the finances has been eased by Euro Disney 's deferring its base management fee for 1992 and 1993 , due to the Walt Disney Company in America .
2 Ernst Verdieu , the Minister of Social Affairs , and Smark Michel , the Trade and Industry Minister were dismissed on June 14 and replaced respectively by Myrtho Céleston and Jean François Chamblain ; the Justice Minister , Bayard Vincent , had been dismissed in late May and replaced by Karl Auguste .
3 Gould had arranged to rendezvous with Gilbert in Sydney before leaving for England , but so eager was he to set sail with his precious cargo that when it seemed Gilbert might have been delayed in Western Australia , he left without seeing him .
4 A total of 44,000 Soviet troops plus vehicles and materiel had been withdrawn from eastern Germany between Jan. 1 and May 12 , 1991 ; a further 22,000 service personnel left in June .
5 When Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tesfaye Dinka visited the Soviet Union on March 7 , the Soviet side laid particular emphasis on promoting talks on peace and national reconciliation , while on March 21 the Western press reported comments by the Soviet ambassador in Sudan , that all Soviet military advisers had been withdrawn by late February to Addis Ababa or back to the Soviet Union .
6 After the release of stills from The Delinquents movie , she 's been likened to sex-icon Marilyn Monroe and it is a comparison that Kylie does n't wish to deny .
7 Courses have also been arranged in Eastern Europe with the help of the Know How Fund .
8 I still number some of them as personal friends all these years later , but at the time what struck me was their unbelievable competence and sheer quality compared with the wretchedly small scope they had been given in prewar Britain .
9 The ruling Liberal Democratic Party ( LDP ) was heavily defeated in two by-elections , on Feb. 9 and on March 5 , in what had hitherto been regarded as safe LDP constituencies .
10 Depos had been formed in late May by two opposition parliamentary parties — the Serbian Renaissance Movement ( SPO ) and the Democratic Party ( DS ) — and the Serbian Liberal Party and the New Democracy-Movement for Serbia .
11 The UUUC had been formed in early December to bring together Westite Unionists , Vanguard Unionists and Democratic Unionists for electioneering and propaganda purposes .
12 An independent user group has been formed in central London covering Lotus Development Corp 's Notes groupware product : the Lotus Notes User Group is to provide a forum for discussing strategic issues of using Notes in business , as well as application ideas and will maintain close links with the Worldwide Lotus Notes Users and Technologists .
13 THE Committee for Socialist Democracy , which has just been formed in riot-torn Timisoara , is the first sign of organised and coherent opposition in Romania since President Ceausescu became Communist Party leader almost 25 years ago .
14 All three had been assigned to Long Kesh Prison near Lisburn to await trial .
15 Though one of Minton 's and Ayrton 's designs for Macbeth had been included among other Shakespeare illustrations in the December 1942 issue of Penguin New Writing , it was not until 1945 that work by Minton began to make a regular appearance in its pages .
16 Although the disagreements had been resolved in early March , continuing dissatisfaction in some quarters of the FKgP had been highlighted by the passage on March 18 of a vote of no confidence in FKgP parliamentary group leader Jozsef Torgyan , because of a speech he had made at a rally on March 9 attacking the voucher scheme .
17 Of course the influence of Buchanan has not been confined to Western Europe .
18 They broke into the vehicle , which had been parked in Front Street , Sowerby , and stole sunglasses , cassettes and a bag containing sports equipment .
19 Anhydrite in minor quantities has been reported at different Devonian horizons in two wells in France and Belgium , and in more substantial thickness in the Dinantian in Belgium ( Massa and Oudin 1980 ) ; intriguing speculations have been made that halite might be present deeper in the Namur and Dinant basins .
20 Reports of fighting in the strategic southern town of Malakal , the capital of Upper Nile province , which had been reported in late October as clashes between the rebel Sudan People 's Liberation Army ( SPLA ) and government forces [ see p. 39132 ] , were confused by conflicting accounts during November .
21 Around 500,000 hectares of forest are said to have been destroyed , and fires have also been reported in western Java and south Sulawesi .
22 Seif dunes are larger : in the Egyptian Sand Sea they attain a height of loo metres ( 330 ft ) and dunes twice this height have been reported from southern Iran .
23 The surrounding gardens have been designed by American Mark Rudkin to complement the Monet gardens nearby .
24 The flags have been added by shed-man Jim Ingham !
25 I 'd like to know who cut the strings of her tennis racket too , the first formers looked at one another , it certainly is queer the way things have been happening to poor Mary Lou lately , even her prayer book had disappeared and some of her pencils had gone .
26 What has been happening in Latin America is that the growth of education has been much faster than structural change in society , with the result that some of the potential value of education for social mobility is lost .
27 He 's been named as thirty-five-year-old John FitzGerald from Swindon .
28 The Economist of Oct. 6 reported that demonstrations had been organized in southern Bhutan between Sept. 19 and 23 by the outlawed Bhutan People 's Party ( BPP ) , most of whose supporters were members of the ethnic Nepalese community .
29 While the Romans are described as being tributary , it seems that the lands which had originally been granted to free-born Franks had been exempt from tax , and that the Franks subsequently assumed that any lands which they came to hold were similarly exempt .
30 There are some TNCs that have been operating in Latin America , Africa and Asia for decades and have won enviable reputations as model employers .
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