Example sentences of "an [noun sg] [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 On 9 July , Sgt Smith and a colleague were in a dogfight with an enemy aircraft over the North Sea , south-east of Great Yarmouth .
2 There was an oxygen tent over the bed and in the dull light that was burning , the young officer 's thin face looked deep pink .
3 Each month Amies will cast an expert eye over the classic gentleman 's wardrobe exclusively for Esquire
4 A second survey covered Northern Ireland at a similar density ( Applied Geochemistry Research Group , 1973 ) and revealed an arsenic anomaly over the Sperrin Mountains where the Curraghinalt gold deposit was later found .
5 Data derived from the aircraft 's onboard navigation and position fixing systems was downlinked to the CAA 's Air Traffic Control Evaluation Unit at Bournemouth-Hurn via an Inmarsat satellite over the North Atlantic and British Telecom 's ground earth receiving station at Goonhilly .
6 Clad in Bath stone , it is a rather stern house with an oriel window over the front door .
7 ‘ At least it 's made in the genuine outdoor manner with the billy of water suspended from an iron bar over the flames .
8 nodded but looked at an apple tree over the hedge .
9 No , it would be night , with a full moon casting an ivory pathway over the beach , a pathway leading Nicolo to a woman who stepped from the shadows and held out her arms .
10 More than 100 vessels will take to the Mersey on June 20 when there will also be an air display over the river .
11 An ozone depletion over the Arctic could be much more serious , as many more people live closer to the north pole than they do to the south pole ; for example North America , Russia and Europe .
12 Simon Scott converted , but the Scots , tired after an extra-time victory over the Hong Kong national side , lost 26-7 .
13 After she fell in love with Astrid , she became Dragonfly Moonchild , the world her oyster , and for the first time on the daily journey , she saw an adventure playground over the hoardings by the Elephant and Castle , and all the poles were painted like a carousel .
14 As they passed an STM tip over the surface they applied short bursts of alternating voltage , a few milliseconds long and slightly more than 1.5 volts in amplitude , over particular atoms .
15 The explosions in March and April of 1969 at an electricity sub station in Castlereagh and at the Silent Valley reservoir in the Mournes were followed by an explosion at an electricity sub-station over the border in County Donegal .
16 To add an even more damning touch , Zhukov had draped an airforce uniform over the edge of the bed , and superimposed Vologsky 's personal insignia upon it .
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