Example sentences of "we 'll have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 We 'll have a bit of fun , eh ? ’
2 We 'll have a bit more sea , kick up some spray . ’
3 Yeah we need some holiday , we 'll have a bit of that in there .
4 We 'll have a bit of this type of We 'll have , have a bit of that tying wire .
5 We 'll have a bit of cake I think .
6 We 'll have a go . ’
7 but we 'll have a go .
8 We 'll have a go and see what happens . ’
9 I said , Well we 'll have a go anyway .
10 so we 'll have a go at it today
11 We 'll have a go , yes .
12 Oh well we 'll have a go today on there .
13 Yeah we 'll have a go .
14 You know , give us a chance to get into the play and get comfortable on our feet and we 'll have a go , well , Johnson does n't give you that option does he ?
15 We 'll have a telephone van and a small team of good C.I.D .
16 Listen , you sit down , I 'll get a couple of coffees and we 'll have a chat , OK ? ’
17 And er once you 've had a look at that , you can er perhaps break for coffee , and we 'll have a chat about it after the break .
18 half way through anyway so , so we 'll have a chat and if there 's any sort of er questions , burning questions as er I 'm going along , feel free to ask .
19 And then we 'll have a chat about that , as I said ,
20 Well we 'll have a chat about what you 're like then ,
21 Okay so we 'll rattle , if we do those and then we 'll have a chat .
22 ‘ Come back with me in the car , and we 'll have a chat . ’
23 We 'll have a chat about the old dealers later .
24 And if they are able to misjudge on on this particular issue , then they are likely to misjudge on other issues , so er we 'll have a chat with them and we 'll find them out what they think and er what they say .
25 To indicate the page we 're on there 's a number centred across the bottom of the page below the rule while on normal pages we 'll have a strap indicating the title and issue date on the outside edge of each page ; recto and verso headings to use the official terminology .
26 ‘ Oh , we 'll have a half pound of each . ’
27 We 'll have a pint !
28 we 'll have to , we 'll look we 'll have a story this afternoon , if we do n't get out this morning it could be pouring down
29 and cars then we 'll have a story
30 we 'll have a chinese take away .
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