Example sentences of "we [vb past] [prep] [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The nastiest little attack we endured at this time came from , of all papers , the Lancet .
2 We rode under another arch , guarded by serjeants-at-arms wearing the royal arms of England ; great iron gates were flung open and we passed through these into the inner bailey , stopping before the great four-towered keep which soared up to the skies .
3 The first hour proved fairly turbulent , as we skimmed under some cumulus build-ups .
4 We agreed at that stage that while we would no longer take any active part in the management of the venture , we would continue to provide financial support via our guarantees .
5 I thought we 'd done that , because that that was the remit that we agreed at this table round this table .
6 I du n no you , yeah , you just sort of got ta say ob obviously you want to think about it , obviously it 's , you know it 's a lot of money , you know , but are you happy with the window , is it , you know , is it the sort of style of the win , you know , is it the sort of style of the window , we , we , I du n no , we agreed on this sort of style , is it the , you know , the sort of style that goes , goes with it , go through sort of one or two what and find out what , what it is they really want to think about
7 I think the best thing we can do is leave any talk of work until tomorrow and concentrate on the real reason why we agreed to this evening and get to know one another better . ’
8 We agreed to these conditions , and tried to think of salacious things for Ted to tell Jean .
9 ‘ Come here while I teach you how we fought in those days . ’
10 We gazed at each other in stunned silence .
11 There was something like an appeal in his eyes as we gazed at each other .
12 We clung to each other , the only time I ever remember this happening .
13 ‘ Now , sir , last market-day we met on this road at the same time , and I said ‘ Good night ’ and you answered ‘ Good night , Sir John ’ , as you did just now . ’
14 We met on this show , got married , and now we 're getting divorced because I earn more money than him .
15 Everybody whom we met at that time remembered you all with great affection .
16 We met in each other 's houses , and later in the pre-school play group .
17 There is a footnote from the editors : ‘ We now unreservedly withdraw any recommendation we made about this book . ’
18 Can can we couple with this there 's the room pavilion , can we coupled with this New Hall Lane .
19 When we sold to another firm .
20 We gave them to an Embassy official as we passed through that city , en route to military installations near Fallujiah .
21 We passed by some mash and pie shops today , and I do n't know WHAT THE F— THAT IS , and I do n't care what it is either .
22 At the outset we asked for more help from the congregation .
23 She was , nevertheless , an expert dressmaker and as I was to learn later , was the only reason that we lived with some decree of plenty during the Kaiser 's War .
24 His strength of character was invaluable in dealing with the guards and his commitment to his fellow hostages was such that he would listen quietly and matter of factly on the occasions when we all had a heart-to-heart about the little ways in which we got on each others ' nerves .
25 So we got on that bus , and he did n't like it , this bus driver , oh , you 're not supposed to be on here
26 Well the fact that we 've got three there , there there that 's how many we got on that card and we were quite happy about that .
27 And we got on this subject .
28 Then we got on some horses , and rode away through the night .
29 erm arguing and er they was going on about this because if Mrs went to a farm and then said that she saw some hens there that did n't look particularly fit erm and said they 'd got to be culled and if the farmer thought otherwise then we got into all sorts of tangles because we knew nothing about poultry .
30 Would you mind telling us , Mr Major , how we got into this mess and how we 're going to get out of it ?
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