Example sentences of "she 'll have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Tell her firmly that you fear if she does n't pull herself together soon she 'll have a drink problem and suggest she seeks help from her GP who can refer her to a psychiatrist .
2 She 'll have a boy , yeah she said
3 but er , I think she 'll have a boy as well
4 He also directed a Morecambe and Wise film and co-produced and directed with his brother , She 'll Have a Go .
5 I was beginning to understand a lot I 'd never known about before , and for the first time that day Toby 's fatal unthinking words came back to me : " One day she 'll have a baby without ever having understood what love really means . "
6 She 'll have a fit otherwise . ’
7 Fit , she 'll have a fit !
8 her mum really she 's got a lot on , she 'll have a lot on cos she 's got to prepare for that wedding , you know what you 're like when you , you 've got
9 no I ju , I du n no why I just think she 'll have a lad
10 ‘ Put the kettle on , I expect she 'll have a cuppa when she gets 'ere . ’
11 She 'll have a roof over her head as long as I 'm above ground , ’ he responded aggressively .
12 She wants a family ; I 've heard her say so , and she 'll have a family , and I hope it 's a big one , ten , twelve …
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