Example sentences of "she [modal v] have a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 She may have a house to sell , or a tenancy to terminate , and she should be made aware of your willingness to help her with this , if she wishes , and with everything else connected with the move .
2 And she must have a name .
3 " She must have a wire !
4 She must have a family , maybe even a boyfriend , all of them frantic , imagining her missing , even drowned .
5 Emerging once more into the glare , she put a hand to her throbbing head , and decided that she must have a cup of tea .
6 However , she must have a minimum of £12.65 pocket money .
7 Before she should have a chance to wake and discover the edenwort , Henry got to work on the supper .
8 Johnson met Mrs Riddoch 's little niece , Stuart Dallas , and , with his voice deliberately booming and hollow , told her he was a giant , that he slept in a cave , ‘ and had a bed in the rock , and she should have a bed cut opposite it ’ .
9 He always spoke as if he was satisfied that she should have a life of her own .
10 I think maybe at first she should have a morning meeting , or a weekly meeting , to discuss the menus for the following week .
11 No , but like she might have a minute while she 's having her din , the they 're really busy you know in there !
12 She might have a chance , things are changing . ’
13 She was afraid she might have a problem getting rid of him — not altogether sure she wanted to — but in the lobby he merely took her hand and raised it to his lips .
14 Yeah well she might have a paper one .
15 She might have a temperature .
16 Omi sat quietly crocheting , Erika conscientiously worked on her sightseeing list for the next morning , writing out appropriate comments from the official guide to the city , Herr Nordern , guilt-free , smoked and drank brandy and Frau Nordern sat by him , having a drink , too , wondering whether she might have a cigarette — but deciding not to , preferring to keep that secret to herself .
17 Now , feeling the train grubbiness all over he– , she thought she might have a bath .
18 Tell her firmly that you fear if she does n't pull herself together soon she 'll have a drink problem and suggest she seeks help from her GP who can refer her to a psychiatrist .
19 She 'll have a boy , yeah she said
20 but er , I think she 'll have a boy as well
21 He also directed a Morecambe and Wise film and co-produced and directed with his brother , She 'll Have a Go .
22 I was beginning to understand a lot I 'd never known about before , and for the first time that day Toby 's fatal unthinking words came back to me : " One day she 'll have a baby without ever having understood what love really means . "
23 She 'll have a fit otherwise . ’
24 Fit , she 'll have a fit !
25 her mum really she 's got a lot on , she 'll have a lot on cos she 's got to prepare for that wedding , you know what you 're like when you , you 've got
26 no I ju , I du n no why I just think she 'll have a lad
27 ‘ Put the kettle on , I expect she 'll have a cuppa when she gets 'ere . ’
28 She 'll have a roof over her head as long as I 'm above ground , ’ he responded aggressively .
29 She wants a family ; I 've heard her say so , and she 'll have a family , and I hope it 's a big one , ten , twelve …
30 ‘ There are times when I wish she could have a couple of years off to bring up her children , be at home with them , and not worry about anything else apart from them and her husband .
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