Example sentences of "she [modal v] [adv] have a " in BNC.

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1 She may well have a thing or two to teach the Goldsmiths ' graduates about handling the demands of the art world and media .
2 Of course she might be pleased with that outcome , but she may also have a new feeling of helplessness , in that she has failed to manage her own problems .
3 She should also have a 30-minute swim .
4 Why , it was almost indecent — she might even have a kid .
5 And she added , ‘ She 'll soon have a collection , what with the Seven Dwarfs and Jack the Giant Killer . ’
6 If someone is shielding her then she 'll probably have a bed for the night . ’
7 Mrs and now she 'll just have a burn out .
8 She 'll never have a fat arse , ’ said Belinda .
9 Her nanny , though , was once stopped in the street by someone demanding to know how she could possibly have a child by a black man .
10 Barbie said she 'd rather have a cigarette anyway and gave them back to us , but we could n't break any of them off , so we kept passing this lump backwards and forwards , sucking it and grinding little chunks off it , till we got fed up with it and chucked it on the floor .
11 Since she hardly ever drank , she 'd probably have a hangover to contend with on top of everything else come morning , but frankly it would be a relief to have something else to think about other than Adam .
12 She 'd never have a better opportunity .
13 Not only was she exultant at the thought of a holiday in London , but she would also have a week removed from the constant worry of Gareth Davis .
14 As Sheila watched him go , she knew that in spite of the hurtful words he had just spoken she would always have a soft spot for the man .
15 She would still have a spare bedroom , quite enough for the modest entertaining she proposed to do in her widowed state .
16 Dawn astonished doctors by becoming pregnant as she waited for a hysterectomy after being told she would never have a child .
17 She would never have a confrontation but she would get things done her way .
18 Perhaps she would never have a child .
19 But she will probably already be experiencing more loneliness than they imagine , for much as she may enjoy her parent 's company , she will also have a need for other friendships and contacts with the world outside the home , and these may be very difficult for her to achieve .
20 She will finally have a nervous breakdown and quit medical school and marry a successful young doctor .
21 ‘ For such a young player this is a tremendous achievement , ’ says Mavis , ‘ Claire has outstanding talent and she will now have a chance to compete against some of the best players in the world . ’
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