Example sentences of "she [modal v] [adv] have [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 It was on the tip of her tongue to say she 'd rather have dinner with a snake , but then she stopped .
2 Fabia felt then that if he went on in this ‘ lift her up , knock her down ’ fashion for very much longer , the way her heart was behaving , she would probably have heart failure .
3 Given that she is now at this moment incapable of giving or refusing a consent to the treatment which it is necessary in her interests , perhaps to save her life and certainly to advance her cure , I do not find myself satisfied that the refusal is a continuing one , evincing a settled intention on her part to persist in it and accepting , as I do , the father 's evidence that she would rather have blood than die , I declare that it shall be lawful for the hospital , in the circumstances prevailing , to administer blood to her , that being in her best interests .
4 As Employment Secretary she will also have responsibility for women 's issues .
5 The procedure should copy any output files produced by these activities into a working area for the user , to which he or she will then have owner access after breaking out of the Captive environment .
6 In other families the mother may be responsible for the discipline and management of the house and feel she can never have fun with the child and that father seems to have all the nice times .
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