Example sentences of "were at the same time " in BNC.

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1 Heads of department acquired heavier responsibilities , but were at the same time often grouped in wider partnerships — often known , somewhat grandly , as faculties — to encourage more interdisciplinary work and greater flexibility in the use of resources .
2 We used to work eight hour shifts — morning , evening and night — and of these the night duties were at the same time the most boring and the most exciting , depending on whether there was anything ‘ on ’ .
3 What White and Bernard also omit to make clear is that , while the great majority of the ordinary members of the church may well have been largely indifferent to theological issues , many of them were at the same time both outraged and alarmed by a number of alien liturgical practices , which were a unique and highly visible feature of English Arminianism .
4 It is , moreover , an irony that these ministers ( Gaitskell , Jay , Wilson ) were at the same time preparing a Full Employment Bill which assumed a major capacity for planning within the government machine .
5 In Maxwell , the streams of particle and wave physics had begun to converge , with results that were to be disquieting ; but optics and the structure of matter were at the same time fruitfully interacting .
6 Now the thing about this crew and the crews that you were talking about from the Hundredth Bomb Group , the , I guess the most famous crew from the Hundred Bomb Group is with the Roses Rivetus Now our crews were at the same time .
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