Example sentences of "they [vb mod] [adv] have [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 In an essentially two-party system like the British one , for example , the main opposition party contending for office may not wish to fight too hard to curtail the power of an executive they may soon have control of themselves .
2 Stress affects the circulatory system : heart rate increases , people are aware of their heart pounding ; blood pressure increases ( some people claim it decreases ) ; they suffer from nose bleeds ; they may even have heart attacks , strokes or other serious circulatory problems .
3 They may also have cricket 's champion talker in fast bowler Brent ‘ Bomber ’ Smith who commutes from Stockton and looks like a 39-year-old Clark Gable .
4 Even so they may also have difficulty in covering the full range of literature suggested , though not in understanding or enjoying it .
5 In heat exhaustion ( when the person has the symptoms of mild shock — cold , clammy , pale , tired , nausea , raised heart rate , they may also have muscle cramps ) if the level of consciousness is affected ( drowsy and dull ) or they do not show signs of increasing strength and vitality after an hour of cool rest .
6 What you can and must do , however , is ensure that all the investigators are expert in every sense in the techniques of investigation and au fait with all aspects of operating modern aircraft , particularly the large public transport types , but they must also have access to reliable and impartial specialists in the type of aircraft concerned .
7 Cos they 'll still have electricity
8 So easily did the rational fear of not being able to exchange their products so advantageously merge , for a whole generation , into the absurdity of supposing that they could somehow have access to a source of wealth other than their own production .
9 Luke found he was staring at Jake Endo 's sandals , wondering how much they could possibly have cost .
10 The selectors , though , clearly consider that they could still have need of the towering mass of Dooley 's physical presence .
11 Well , they could certainly have change .
12 what have to pay that they would probably have dividend and they would pay that for you and you would have to pay them back .
13 There is no doubt that many of its customers have used loans in cases where they would previously have use ( more costly ) HP a 1977 survey showed that 59 per cent of the loans it made were for motor vehicle purchase .
14 They would certainly have time to get to the river Almond and cut off any interference from the garrisons there at Perth and at Scone , even if they ca n't overwhelm them .
15 And two thirds said they would only have sex in a long-term relationship .
16 Some of the shops are also involved , they will also have window displays , several of Princes Risborough shops have taped up windows which looks quite extraordinary when you drive into the town .
17 They will certainly have plenty to pick over .
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