Example sentences of "had know for [adj] time " in BNC.

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1 He had known for some time that it was inevitable .
2 The mistake was made even more stupid by the fact that he had known for some time the big tides were due .
3 Though tragically killed in a recent motorbike accident , Madra was an undisputed maestro of the art , as well as an easy and informative friend whom I had known for some time , so it was a shock to witness the epic genius which came through him , and the transformation which both he and his audience underwent in that open village square the first time I saw him perform .
4 And it was n't Iris who told us , though she had known for some time that it had come through the Strait shortly after the Belgrano had been sunk .
5 ‘ She said she had known for some time that she and Fabien could not remain at La Tour Monchauzet after their marriage — that they had been talking together about moving away — of going , perhaps , as far as Australia or California and starting a totally new life .
6 As the official investigation got under way , there were allegations that senior US officials had known for some time of BNL 's dealings with Iraq .
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