Example sentences of "he [verb] in [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 Collecting her ticket , she came up behind him again as he checked in for the flight .
2 Once at Frankfurt 's Rhine-Main airport he had collected the keys of a Golf Corbio from the Hertz desk and driven the twenty-four miles on the A66 to Mainz where he checked in at the Europa Hotel on Kaiserstrasse .
3 He came back , and he had been very quick , with an umbrella from which , as he plunged in through the swing door , he was tearing the plastic wrapping .
4 As he crept in through the scullery window she would leap from her bedroom and conceal herself in the nettles , unconscious of the pain .
5 If , however , he goes in with the public on that day , conceals himself , and takes the painting on the following day , he is not guilty .
6 When his mind 's on fisticuffs he sits in on the training sessions there .
7 He got in with the wrong crowd up at .
8 He headed in in the 31st minute after Wright 's centre had taken a deflection , then scored from the penalty spot after being brought down by Bennett .
9 He moved in to the new , roomier accommodation .
10 At the next intersection he drew in against the left-hand wall , peering around the corner into the corridor to his left .
11 One man who could have a busy day on Sunday if he drops in on the above conference will be Michael Billington , the theatre critic of The Guardian .
12 When he reached the fighting , he charged in amongst the Dragoons , shouting loudly and urging his companions to follow him .
13 He came in through the back door on Lily 's afternoon out .
14 He came in at the side door as though he knew his own way .
15 Seve Ballesteros , who had shared the overnight lead on 67 , was making no further progress and was still five under par as he came in on the closing holes .
16 He came in on the Tube as usual , and walked the last quarter-mile .
17 Yeah , cos we was there in the August , they were n't , we moved in , in the July , there , and the girls were , Matthew was just four , cos just as we moved in our dad took Matthew to Hungary with him , it was like , it was like they were going on the following Wednesday , and he told me on the Friday , he came in on the Friday night , they planned , it was our dad , Crystal and Danielle , Crystal and Danielle , but she said even if I go out in the middle of .
18 He came in to the shop and asked me what he should wear on the date .
19 When he came in for the night some hours later he was still agitated and fretting .
20 The problems do n't end there ; Kingsley Black had one of his best games for Northern Ireland in Tirana , when he came in for the injured Michael Hughes .
21 He came in with the ideas , give the drivers and conductors everything they asked for whereby my training had always been to only give them what they were really entitled to , not give them anything extra but he gave them the earth and that erm did n't sort of go very well for the new Manager who came in , he had a lot of undoing to do there , that this fella had given away , in his six or seven weeks there .
22 He came in from the scullery with the coal bucket in one hand and in the other a fat metal cylinder .
23 She had made him his favourite bottom pie and onions for supper that evening when he came in from the fishing , and he had gone back down to Mother Russell 's after , for a few ales .
24 No need for secrets , so Mrs Files telephoned her daughter straight away , then told Frank Grimwood who came by with four brace of partridge from yesterday 's let shoot ; who stopped Alec on the tractor with a load of silage behind ; who met Tom in the grainstore ; who found Mary in the estate office when he went in to fill out his time sheet ; who confided in the postman when he came with the afternoon mail ; who amazed Mrs May in Forester 's Cottage when he delivered her Freeman 's Catalogue and a postcard from her son holidaying in Pouket ; who stunned her husband when he came in from the saw mill .
25 He dropped in at the still extant Paperback Shop .
26 He booked in at the special executive reception on the eighteenth floor , reserving an executive suite on the twentieth floor .
27 So he booked in at the John Radcliffe Cardiac Unit … close to his home in Marlow .
28 He booked in to the Inter-Continental Hotel , only a few minutes ' walk from the fairground .
29 This hangar was all closed up apart from one door , so he drove in in the semi-dark and reversed rapidly into what he thought was an empty corner without checking it first for parked vehicles .
30 It was ten o'clock when he turned in between the lodge gates and guided the Porsche down the winding drive to Tavey Grange .
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