Example sentences of "he [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 She always observed every move he made out of the corner of one eye , though , and if he stirred in any way , even just to stretch or yawn , she would immediately react and flex herself to take defensive action .
2 In this way he even controverts the view that he lived up to the feared role of private sector financial disciplinarian when he brought qualified accountants for the first time into the head office .
3 He lived out in the country for a number of years , lived in poverty , erm , he thought about and he wrote about suicide .
4 He does , he likes to get in the bedroom and , and he fiddles on with the erm
5 Furthermore , when he checked back on the correlation between his simple lix values and the criterion of pooled estimates of difficulty , he found that the figure was 0.92 , which was exactly the same as that obtained from the multiple regression .
6 Collecting her ticket , she came up behind him again as he checked in for the flight .
7 Once at Frankfurt 's Rhine-Main airport he had collected the keys of a Golf Corbio from the Hertz desk and driven the twenty-four miles on the A66 to Mainz where he checked in at the Europa Hotel on Kaiserstrasse .
8 He came back , and he had been very quick , with an umbrella from which , as he plunged in through the swing door , he was tearing the plastic wrapping .
9 Then he plunged off into the Britches to check the nest-boxes .
10 He skips over for the bloody
11 He limped over to the window , pulled the curtains across and looked down .
12 He limped out of the heather , sat on the stones and shook the wet from his fur .
13 SINCE he limped out of the Old Firm game on 2 January , Tony Mowbray has missed all of Celtic 's last 13 matches .
14 Shielding his eyes against the dust and heat with an upraised arm , he limped back to the corner and peered round .
15 He drifts back towards the floor .
16 In fact , he turns up at the Harlem Hospital , a few blocks north , two days later , and is heckled as he walks along the wards .
17 He has received a card with drawings of gangsters on it and threats of a ‘ warm welcome ’ if he turns up for the second-round tie .
18 He turns back to the patient , his expression gentle again — there is no trace of a professional ‘ caring ’ in his words or the jarring chord of insincere concern in his voice .
19 As the Prime Minister savours one of his last few busy days before the deluge , will he think back to the dinner that he gave at No. 10 Downing street last November on behalf of the Tory party for what The Sun — I must quote it accurately because it is from The Sun —
20 The drums then took up a regular beat as he stalked back to the coffin .
21 He stalked off towards the camp 's edge where a huge band of his brothers waited .
22 He points out in the British Journal of Educational Psychology that the results of these schemes have been disappointing and it is doubtful whether they have any permanent effect on intelligence .
23 In the next step of the argument , he then said , well , religion is a transference , and therefore a form of infantilism , so now he seems to be criticizing religion , but if he 's criti criticizing religion by saying it 's an illusion , surely he 's jeopardizing civilization , because the danger , as he points out in the book , if you take religion away from people , you say , look , this is just an illusion , God does n't exist .
24 Etchings were sent to a printer to make some impressions and someone surreptitiously made copies which he passed on to the defendant who intended to display them in an exhibition which the public could attend on payment of an admission charge .
25 I did n't even look up as he went up the ramp into the street , so I 'm still not sure when he passed out of the garden and into the rest of the world .
26 Rachel watched him as he tramped back through the fruit trees towards the house .
27 Disgusted with everything , he tramped out beyond the town , near to where the public ash dump was situated , and soon found a scene accurately reflecting his inner state .
28 He hopped out of the water and sat down on the bank next to Anabelle .
29 With that , he hopped down from the rock , leaving its previous occupant free rein over the throng .
30 Why had he marched out of the canteen like that earlier ?
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