Example sentences of "be [vb pp] to be [verb] " in BNC.

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1 At the same time it affirms that academic staff may not be dismissed for holding particular beliefs or following particular lines of inquiry , and that senior staff may not be dismissed to be replaced by more junior , and cheaper , staff .
2 The emphatic denigration contained in this locational insult had to be heard to be understood , and in many ways it paralleled the dismissive tone used to deride the ‘ civvy ’ , for nuances of speech and tone have immense meaning to insiders .
3 The noise fifteen excited youngsters make has to be heard to be believed .
4 My dear mother 's optimism had to be heard to be believed .
5 The Bavarian folk material , upon which some of the music is based , is clearly in his blood , and the energy generated in the second section of the Cantata , where these dances abound , has to be heard to be believed .
6 More experienced Faust lovers will take ‘ Seventy One Minutes Of ’ in their stride , a more fragmented and dissected side of the band 's genius that has to be heard to be believed .
7 The uproar in the middle of the night when Bernard Murphy rolled home fighting drunk from the seamen 's club had to be heard to be credited .
8 There 's no hope for a breathing space for the business community as far as Mr Humber is concerned : ‘ We will continue to campaign for the registers to include all sources of contamination , ’ he says grimly , ‘ and we will campaign for not just land liable to be contaminated to be included on the register , but then for that to be backed up by actual investigation of those sites and for that to be put on the registers as well . ’
9 His single , minded pursuit of operational perfection had to be witnessed to be appreciated , He was the only Commander in the field that was able to change the entire concept of strategic bombing ; moreover he was the only Group commander with any worthwhile operational background , my personal researches accredit him with more than a full bomber tour of operations , and that includes his escape from Sweden .
10 As it was too large to be put on a lorry to be moved from site to site it had to travel on roads under its own power and was held to be intended to be used on roads .
11 It is not enough that the property should be intended to be used in a manner that may or may not involve this definite and particular manner ( Pwllbach Colliery Co Ltd v Woodman [ 1915 ] AC 634 ) .
12 The structure of this process can be considered to be made up of three main parts :
13 As has been indicated , environmental scanning can be considered to be made up of three processes :
14 Concern has been expressed that the ordinary principles of criminal liability will draw into the net other non-violent demonstrators who may be considered to be assisting or encouraging the conduct in question and that unless such people leave the scene quickly they might face the serious charge of riot .
15 Why do the parties provide that the auditors " shall be considered to be acting as experts and not as arbitrators " ?
16 These manifest themselves as the impulsive gravitational waves ( 15.10 ) which may be considered to be generated by the collision .
17 It is conformally flat everywhere except at the boundaries of the interaction region where there are impulsive gravitational waves that may be considered to be generated by the collision .
18 A subject might be considered to be defined by :
19 Babies can not therefore really be considered to be trained as they do not realize when they want to go , do not indicate that they want to , and do not go to the potty by themselves .
20 Any patient image can be considered to be composted of this normal image , upon which abnormal gut uptake is superimposed .
21 Thus there is enormous difficulty both in defining precisely what we mean by expertise and in marking out what decisions will be considered to be taken for personal or other non-organizational ends .
22 If it 's a small discharge and say it 's twice the limits , three times the limits , then it would be considered to be needing improvement .
23 Thus the numerical solutions themselves may be considered to be approaching an equilibrium or periodic solution .
24 Indeed , in some local areas , hospital provision was so low that ‘ it is doubtful whether some … can be considered to be offering a comprehensive service , ’ and for most people , most of the time , it is provision at the local rather than the regional level which really matters .
25 Alternatively , they could be considered to be protected by the design right as a configuration when all the components are mounted onto the board .
26 House , furniture , people Doll 's house furniture may be sorted to be placed in particular rooms .
27 The Commission says that , if the Community decides to build the NET machine , it could be expected to be built on a Community site .
28 While the current situation in chip fabrication capability appears to be parity , the next frontier for the industry will be the portable devices known as Personal Digital Assistants ; since miniaturisation is a skill of Japanese manufacturers , these can be expected to be made in Japan , and all the strategic alliances made to date reflect this .
29 But to our disgust , and as Nigel mentioned , also that we have seen a demise of factory inspectors , and this is borne out by the fact that figures at the present time show that an average workplace can be expected to be visited once in eleven years .
30 Although the next quarter is also expected to be bleak for Proteon — the near-collapse of the absurd European Exchange Rate Mechanism last year has had a poor effect on prices in Europe , causing them to rise — if Swan 's track record of success is anything to go by , Proteon 's results - at least in Europe — might well be expected to be turned round .
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