Example sentences of "not [be] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 There was a lesson at school I should have loved if it had not been for poor Lucy .
2 Sucralose might never have been discovered had it not been for two Tate & Lyle scientists who deployed a basic research technique — they tasted it .
3 But she brought them because it salved her conscience to bring something , and she had not been for two weeks now .
4 ‘ Had it not been for that publication Sally might have avoided that almost overwhelming sea of troubles which resulted from harmlessly intended praise . ’
5 ‘ owing to the presence of which ’ This point is normally covered in any witness statement that might be available , viz. ‘ I saw four vehicles were involved etc. ’ or ‘ if it had not been for that vehicle the accident would not have happened ’ .
6 the , the chain sir the chain of logic and of course had it not been with one inter interposing there , had it not been for void restrictions , it would not have written , that 's when they were written , they were written only because of the restrictions that 's what enabled them to be written
7 Had it not been for splintered wood and debris Alas on deck , and a ripped sail or two , the storm might have seemed no more than a bad dream .
8 Egg theft would have been far worse had it not been for round-the-clock protection from the army at the end of the season .
9 Had it not been for another round of cost cutting , the group would have crept back into the black last year .
10 They have not been for some time except to people who still remember The Beatles and The Animals .
11 And equally clearly , concealed in the base of the box , it had not been for public view .
12 St Joseph 's old boy Jim D'Avila , Labour 's candidate in Swindon at the last election , says his parents would have sent him elsewhere had it not been for subsidised transport .
13 Had it not been for human kindess he would have ended up in a pork pie .
14 While the TMI accident would not have progressed to the stage it did had it not been for human error , it highlighted the fact that reactor designers and operators had to give more attention to the reliability of the system and its components , and their interaction under accident conditions .
15 ‘ Sir , ’ he said to the court , ‘ I would be a dead man by now if it had not been for this gentleman . ’
16 Had it not been for seasonal visitors , the list of locally popular dishes would have been depressingly brief ; burned steaks , fried fish , and barbecued chicken .
17 However , both Royal Scottish and the Bank , might have missed out on the business had it not been for quick-thinking Dave Chinchen , a Bank Officer at Southampton High Street Branch .
18 Kennedy might thus have decided that the question was not worth pursuing had it not been for British persistence and Foreign Office assessments which suggested that the Soviets themselves hoped that an agreement of some kind might result .
19 Hofmann believed that the proper objectives of such research should not be for personal gain , but for the pursuit of fundamental knowledge and the fulfilment of social needs .
20 In the case of Scottish and Northern Irish solicitors , application would not be for overseas lawyer status but for full membership of the Society .
21 Could you please make these adjustments for the next matrix list which I realise will not be for some time and , in fact , by that time Karen will be off on maternity leave but I leave it to you whether you want to slot in Joan and Jane for that period .
22 I know it will not be for some months yet , but time passes quickly .
23 The choice of locations need not be for permanent bases , but can also include dynamic repositioning of units as circumstances dictate ( Kolesar and Walker 1974 ) .
24 ‘ If I kept a careful check on your movements — which I do n't — I can assure you it would not be for sentimental reasons . ’
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