Example sentences of "are at the same time " in BNC.

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1 Yet we are at the same time perturbed by more recent and present-day developments .
2 Nothing , in fact , could surpass the splendour those magnificent crowns of green , metal-sparkling crystals , which Mr Nicholson has contributed to the Exhibition ; they certainly represent the finest products of this new industry which have as yet been seen , and are at the same time significant symbols of the success which has rewarded the exertions of this distinguished manufacturer .
3 When applied to particular urban or rural situations it will reveal the dynamics which , while attracting some into the fellowship of the churches , are at the same time excluding others .
4 ‘ We believe that truthfulness , participation , accountability and freedom of choice in its broadest sense , are some of the ethics of democracy and are at the same time biblical values .
5 The requirements that member states co-operate are at the same time strengthened .
6 I know it happens in individual subjects and there 's the element of repetition but , you are at the same time making them reflect over a certain period and say I have not entirely wasted my time , there maybe some youngsters for whom it will be extremely difficult , and I except that but my thinking is that is you look hard enough you can find something that everybody has done at whatever level that they can take some pride in .
7 As we have defined it , the category of semantic indicator overlaps with that of semantic tally , impure tallies being those which are at the same time indicators ( full or partial ) ; it includes that of semantic categoriser — a categoriser is necessarily a full indicator .
8 The vast majority of meaningful elements in a language , whether they are full constituents or have some lesser status , are at the same time grammatical elements .
9 It is a means by which a relationship may be maintained with objects which are at the same time always potentially alienable .
10 To sum up , in positing an item as an ontological existent we are at the same time by implication positing this item as a potential subject of a non-arbitrary subset of predicates from among an indefinite number of meaningful predicates , and hence as completely determinate with regard to possible descriptions that may be given of it at any given time .
11 A point overlooked by many marketers is that their customers are at the same time also customers of their competitors .
12 Acts of nomination are at the same time acts of ‘ classification ’ .
13 Such measures shall be introduced in such a way that … they are at the same time conducive to price stability , a high level of employment and foreign trade equilibrium , and thus steady and adequate economic growth .
14 The forests are at the same time being stripped of valuable and rare animals .
15 The Unit is based within the Department of Sociology and its staff and students are at the same time members of the department .
16 ‘ And here we are at the same time of year — well , they tell us it 's the same time of year , ’ he said , sarcastically , ‘ — and what we 're expected to eat are knobbly things actually grown in dirt !
17 Culture always has an ideological function for consumerism in the capitalist global system , so all cultural transnational practices in this sphere are at the same time ideological practices , thus cultural-ideological .
18 But I think , are n't they always , their timetables are at the same time are n't they , the topics ?
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