Example sentences of "are [vb pp] over the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 The skeleton , whose hands are placed over the groin in one of the traditional attitudes of repose , is slightly proud of the shell ; hence the gable lid , resulting in a close-fitting coffin .
2 To hold a large piping bag , grip it so that your fingers are curled over the front of the bag and the folded corner twisted between your thumb and index finger .
3 Otherwise , cleaning the room inevitably becomes more difficult as hairs are shed over the chair covers , and there is an increased risk of flea infestations .
4 The disk is round to subpentagonal ; covered with thickened skin ; no scales but granules are scattered over the surface which are more conspicuous in dried specimens ; disk diameter up to 20 mm .
5 Small granules are scattered over the surface some developed into low spinelets .
6 Ancient castles , burial chambers , ruins and churches are scattered over the area , highlighting the rich cultural heritage and providing a contrast to the golden sands , estuaries and wooded valleys .
7 When the blades are rolled over the pastry , they cut even slashes , which create the lattice effect .
8 The WRU and its leading 18 clubs are deadlocked over the issue of leagues , with no sign of a thaw in the cold war between the two bodies which has gone on for two years .
9 Women who stop attending the clinic are sent a postal version of the questionnaire and , if this is not returned , are interviewed over the telephone or at a home visit .
10 Many 40-year-olds are considered over the hill these days , so what work can the oldies hope to get ?
11 The homes of this minority tribe are built over the water on stilts , its vegetable fields float on the lake 's surface and its fishermen propel their long narrow boats with a unique leg-rowing motion that has made them famous .
12 Suspicious of the ‘ two-tier ’ contracts used by some American carriers to drive down pay for all , strikes are threatened over the holiday weekend of May 28th .
13 If revised arrangements are made over the telephone , these , too , should be confirmed in writing .
14 When initial appointments are made over the telephone , for instance if someone telephones to ask about vacancies , these should also be confirmed in writing .
15 Well , unlike many of the promises that are made over the clinking of glasses and in the glow of a few drinks , and despite the fact that Pam and Tony lived near Thurso in the north of Scotland , Wendy was working in Bristol and I lived in Shetland , we got in touch later and laid firm plans for a trip to Lapland .
16 Lewd songs are sung over the microphone
17 Much tighter controls are needed over the use of technologies and procedures if health care costs are to be controlled .
18 Alternatively , a few exercises suitable for the warm up are shown over the page .
19 Most figures are shown over the page , and pa in para two five , but they 're calculated in a different way .
20 Body shape , when viewed from above , is oval and elliptical for the female , and slim and pencil-like for the male , the male being further enhanced by the white , pimple-like nuptial tubercles which are sprinkled over the gill covers and top of the head .
21 Although this was brought about by the Gulf War and the subsequent world recession , it is certainly now exacerbated by an unrestrained and reckless war of attrition in which dollars are hauled over the top of the grain of a few inches of market share .
22 The Report began by identifying some 130,000 part-time teachers in further and adult education who were at that time employed by local authorities and although nobody knows how many are employed over the country as a whole at present , even after the severe reductions of recent years they are likely to number more than 100,000 .
23 Condoms are sheaths of thin rubber that are worn over the penis and research has confirmed that , used properly , they are an effective barrier against HIV when used in anal and vaginal sex .
24 They too stand at around 22 per cent , but are phased over the period of production .
25 One large dome and two smaller ones with twisted columned drums are set over the narthex which has 12 columns to support them inside .
26 For ease , upper garments like a sweater or shirt are pulled over the head first , and the hemiplegic arm comes out of its sleeve last .
27 Then clean the piece of glass really thoroughly , first washing and then drying it , either with a proper glass cloth so that no pieces of lint are spread over the surface , or using a proprietary glass cleaning product and a suitable cloth .
28 Sometimes studio interviews are conducted over the air with an interviewer in London or Glasgow and the interviewee in Birmingham or Manchester .
29 Handles are fitted over the cylinder , both inside and out .
30 On the south side , conference rooms and boardrooms on two storeys are suspended over the kitchen/servery area .
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