Example sentences of "for [pron] at the time " in BNC.

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1 ‘ After having been a teacher in my past , my best answer is this : kids always seem to want to learn stuff that 's way to hard for them at the time .
2 The bigger problem for me at the time was the way the orchestra was playing .
3 Whether he had had plans laid for me at the time , or whether at the back of his mind , hidden from consciousness , he knew that in taking me to live with him he would be enrolling someone to deal with the business side of his life , I was never sure .
4 You stopped because you both decided it was the right thing to do for you at the time .
5 After attempting to speak to his ex-girl friend on the telephone and finding she was out he decided to have another drink , and then started to think about taking some tablets which his GP had prescribed for him at the time when his girl friend had left him .
6 ‘ We tried to sign Chris Waddle , but it was not right for him at the time .
7 ‘ We tried to sign Chris Waddle , but it was not right for him at the time , we went for Peter Beardsley , but it was not right for Everton .
8 It seems odd , in retrospect , to see governments delegating so passively their most important educational function , but there were two main reasons for it at the time .
9 If I could have thought of a use for it at the time , I would have stayed and bid .
10 Erm , as the person who mo , moved the original motion , I would be very happy to move the recommendations , and to thank Mr , Mrs , Mr and Mr , who are the only members here present who voted for it at the time .
11 How else to account for what at the time seemed wildly erratic behaviour , when in 1977 a group of distinguished architects and others , members of the newly formed Spitalfields Trust , squatted in two derelict early Georgian houses in Elder Street , thwarting the property developer 's bulldozers by sheer persistence .
12 He tried to realign retrospectively things he had written many years before , for what at the time had been entirely adequate reasons .
13 Especially with songs like Too Much , which was in an unusual key for us at the time .
14 Although it felt like a miraculous coincidence for us at the time , it was more that we were all ready to grapple with this issue in our lives .
15 Fortunately for us at the time there was not the amount of light flak associated with later years , or that which was spawned by some of the Cheshire low level attacks .
16 Er clearly when we have got that situation , we do n't just simply put the numbers in and press the button and you get the answer out at the end , er the people who er did this for us at the time , er are professional er transportation consultants er and given that the key er one of the key outputs from this model was the effect of a er a bypass , then this is something that we looked at in in some detail as well as er the actual effects that the model was putting out .
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