Example sentences of "was [adv] [prep] the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Her mother was dead like the badger she had seen last week in the woods , with its hair all stiff , and its mouth curled open .
2 My view was mostly of the aluminium saucepans dangling from a rail above the range .
3 if you were having a girl it was mostly in the front , but er that was n't true really
4 Beech , there was n't much beech in , it was mostly round the mansion and at the back of the grounds .
5 The change that occurred was mostly before the Act , either despite the war or hindered by war conditions .
6 Our screen was situated outside the office on a patch of grass , reached by the usual cinder path , and was right on the edge of the air field .
7 it was a it was full pass inside to two fullbacks er , for the Southampton player that was running on this fullback shaded it away you know , guiding him out of it , he 's running to the e sa Smeichel came out to the edge of the area but he was like right on the edge as the player was coming to him , so he just let it roll a little bit further , he stopped it with his foot , the guy came and tackled him off got it instead of just picking it up with his hand , I mean he was actually in the area but like he was right on the edge and he took a step back
8 With an Auriga fitted to the back of his Swift he was right on the pace at Brands Hatch , qualifying up the grid , only to have his hopes dashed when he was adjudged to have left the pits against a red light during practice .
9 I remember we cleaned it all up , and it was right on the boundary wall between property and .
10 But undoubtedly he was right on the mark when he wrote in his essay on Thomas Parnell some words which might aptly be applied to many writers at present being collected :
11 Baffling , this , because it was right on the copy .
12 I mean we hardly went into another shop and yet , you see , we have a young chappie like yourself who comes to the Guild once every year and shows us slides of old Walsall , Walsall Wood , Aldridge , the local area , and he said I 'm not very good Ruth at talking but he he 'd got the slides you know , and it , it used to end up with me doing the commentary on Walsall Wood , because you stand on the of Walsall Wood , which is there now , and your Co-op was right on the corner which is why I call it the corner store and you see people congregated there , people met there and when I 'd been accused of the , we 'd been at the college or at other conferences and why ca n't we get Guild members today , well that was the breeding ground your shop , you see .
13 Unlike so many beginners to Koi-keeping , Ken 's first pond was right on the button in terms of size , practicality and ease of maintenance .
14 And of course Lucille was right on the button .
15 Because of the vast size of it and the difficulty of controlling it when sailing single-handed , the spinnaker was n't a sail he used much and it was right at the bottom at the aft end of the sail-locker .
16 When I arrived at the GA European Open , I looked at the list of entrants for the Lancome Trophy to find that I was right at the bottom of the list of qualifiers with one week to go before the final selection .
17 It was right at the back of her mind but she could n't get it out .
18 He shot him when he was right at the top . ’
19 Victor Zenobia 's was right at the top .
20 And it was right at the beginning when the demon took over …
21 he was right at the height of his Anthony Newley hang-up , so one problem was constantly reminding him that he sounded like Anthony Newley and trying to ‘ de-Newleyfy ’ him if you could .
22 I was n't going for his agreement or anyone else 's agreement — I was going for what I felt was right at the time , and as he 'd set me up as this person in his life , I advised him not to do it .
23 We may agree with Cole 's conclusion that the resolution of the debate in favour of Consumers ' control was right at the time , but on ground of practical necessity .
24 Sometimes there would be an extra pause that was n't scripted , but which he felt was right at the time .
25 However , I can debate with anyone and at any stage that Gibson was right at the time for the Dams .
26 A rescue attempt had hitherto been so far at the back of his mind that , if some advanced speculations on the nature and shape of the many-dimensioned multiplexity of the universe were correct , it was right at the front ; but a magic sword was a valuable item …
27 My own mob was right at the front of the fuss : we did n't want any more secret organisations on our patch . ’
28 We got , I was right at the front in the balcony .
29 ‘ He was right at the end , ’ admits Marjorie Gedge .
30 It was right at the end of the main hunting season , and we had already watched as a group of males had twice unsuccessfully hunted the same group of colobus monkeys that day .
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