Example sentences of "it 's [adv] [verb] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 So it 's equally unsurprising that he receives a steady stream of unsolicited portfolios from eager aspirants searching for their break .
2 It 's already heard that he and Greg Price had been friends .
3 a Tobby and they do this body camping , they have to do it early in the morning or late at night when it 's cool and it produces this liquid which verbella it 's already fermenting and at this
4 It 's already known that women who take the contraceptive pill are much less likely to develop it .
5 Down here it 's strictly hardcore and , as EPMD say , you can keep the crossover : local heroes Das EFX have , along with dancehall reggae , done much to take hip hop back underground .
6 The energy crisis which we 're in at the moment , and which will , although it 's temporarily abating if we judge the prices on the oil market , will not go away , is one of the most important areas in which chemistry can contribute .
7 So , it 's strongly recommended that you cultivate the use of chromatic notes which resolve to diatonic ones , both scalic and chordal .
8 I do n't think , I mean , it 's probably to say as we are ourselves struggling , for example with the issue of general welcoming .
9 Mm it 's probably shaking cos it 's up there my leg does that sometimes .
10 Erm , it 's clearly states that a new settlement should be only contemplated where , and it 's my opinion , that all those factors need to be met and they are not weighted within that er paragraph .
11 It 's easily missed because its name has fallen off the entrance , leaving an incomprehensible hieroglyph .
12 It 's easily manipulated and it dries hard .
13 and it 's easily updated because er from what I 've seen now you can actually key in sort of the acreage and then update the crop inspecting reports
14 Trouble is , it 's easily mastered and very limiting — you might throw it high or low , but never wide .
15 So it 's either setting or not setting the weights and in the N tuple rule all we do is in fact set the weights .
16 It 's soon forgotten though , as is their nakedness .
17 So the , the May the fourth directive is not working because it 's not guaranteeing that the poor get enough to bring them up to the middle peasant status which is , is the aim .
18 But it 's not just , it 's not labelling and screening them it 's
19 So it 's jargon , it 's assuming people will pick things up as quickly as we have and it 's not recognising that people have different interpretations .
20 What we 're actually doing is checking the firing pin is n't broken and looking down the barrel to make sure it 's not blocked and is properly oiled .
21 It 's not moving but when it 's papers and pencils and stuff like that
22 we do n't really need to go any further because we 've found it 's not balanced but we just for completeness , how many Cs on this side ?
23 No it 's not sit and watch somebody else do it it wo n't hurt her
24 It 's a living system , it 's designed to help you , if it 's not supporting and helping you then it must be changed .
25 It 's absolutely ludicrous that it 's not advertised and that no one does anything about it .
26 Well you , it 's not corroded or anything is it ?
27 It 's not felt that your private life in terms of your political opinions will necessarily impinge on your public life , and , and to deprive somebody of the right to express their opinions in public would be regarded as an infringement of his civil liberties , which would be unthinkable in a republican erm situation .
28 Tap tap tap all bloody day long , when it 's not singing or falling off its perch .
29 ‘ I think you 'll find it 's not hate that makes you react as you do , Shannon .
30 If the weather 's all right and it 's not raining or nothing , I usually go to the garden to help Mr Frost .
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