Example sentences of "it 's [noun] [prep] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Irene Daniels , who 's the programme 's researcher says ‘ if you have a clip that makes you and your family laugh , then it 's odds on it 'll make other people laugh too ’ .
2 As a Cheltenham magistrate Cranog Jones has sat in judgement of many but tonight he 's waiting for a jury to delever it 's verdict on him .
3 I thought it was Ben yesterday afternoon I dropped Lynsey 's thing in with Ben down there and it 's Jack , I like John , I like to speak to John , so I said John I think it 's Tommy for you , but then
4 I doubt whether this is done deliberately , but I think it 's part of everybody 's perception of science in schools that girls do biology and boys do chemistry and physics , and I suppose this is bound to have its affect on people 's choices , but I personally , and I think most of my colleagues would agree with me on this , see no reason to suppose that girls should be any less good at chemistry and physics than boys .
5 D : Well I do n't think you 're ever going to get it except by civil disobedience because it 's part of what a government 's all about , they have to defend the country .
6 It 's part of what 's called the local group of galaxies which contains about thirty galaxies .
7 He added : ‘ If a woman upsets you , all right — it 's part of their function in life .
8 Er , yes , well , I 'd , I 'd , er , I 'd like to make two proposals , first of all that we formally congratulate our officers for leading the team that er , put together this successful bid , erm , but I 'd also like to say something about these concerns about the boundaries because it 's Oswestry again , amongst mainly the sort of north of the county around Oswestry , which like with the rural development area , could be left out , and , of course , economic development does n't stop at a parish boundary people cross it , it 's part of their economic activity and erm , I know that some of the sort of proposed projects put together for the use of this five B money , er , around the Oswestry area , are extremely desirable projects , er , and are achievable projects , and it would be a tragedy if er , if they were , if , if we failed to achieve them because of er , a kind of a bureaucratic dotted line which say you ca n't have the money because you 're the wrong side of the line .
9 I do n't know , I do n't know , er , I , I , I 'm not really up into this , but for example , the reason that McDonald 's uses red , is because it 's part of their culture of being classed in an so if you used green .
10 Yeah but it 's part of their
11 It 's produced by Christian Aid and it 's part of its Christian Aid week 's activity .
12 It 's part of it .
13 But it 's part of it . ’
14 well it 's part of it really
15 So it 's part of you know , part of the the penalty if you like , of living in the flats .
16 The past does n't just go away , it 's with you , it 's part of you .
17 I 've seen it before , it 's part of his make-up . ’
18 It 's part of his job : he 's a headmaster .
19 It 's part of his consciousness , yes , that 's a nice idea .
20 It 's part of his British tour in May and sixty thousand fans are expected to cram in to watch him .
21 It 's part of your fun as well — if you have not picked that up , you should . ’
22 Perhaps you feel it 's part of your duty as my host . ’
23 It 's part it 's part of your pack Desmond , I gave you papers and you should have in it erm
24 And thi I mean , you do n't have to pay for the creche cos it comes in the , it 's part of your
25 It 's part of my life that is passed and there is no point in hiding it . ’
26 Christine takes her appearance very seriously : ‘ It 's part of my job to look a notch up , a bit glam .
27 Bolton , who hoped to marry Nicolette as soon as she divorces co-star Harry Hamlin , says : ‘ My fans love my hair — it 's part of my image .
28 ‘ Of course , I go out to give defenders a hard time — it 's part of my job .
29 It 's part of my inner soul ,
30 Now one of the things I think we need to do , And I I I put it in there and it 's pa it 's part of my appraisal system , is to do some work on actually entitlements to training .
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