Example sentences of "it is [adv] [verb] and " in BNC.

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1 It has got inherent checks and balances , it has its own agreement , it is professionally run and there is no function for the president of the FISA here other than to turn up occasionally and literally be seen about .
2 It is simply demand and supply pressures which determine the appropriate exchange rate for each currency .
3 Silicone cancels out the problem as it is positively charged and leaves hair in a neutral state , adding smoothness and promoting shine .
4 Deceptively , because in practice it is rarely accomplished and only in a few cases have polymer blends or mixtures achieved industrial importance .
5 Nevertheless , its point about the evidence for God 's goodness — that it is not compelling and that , indeed , there may be moments when it appears that the facts of life may not be reconciled with a good Creator at all — might also be applied to the evidence for God 's existence .
6 How they actually manage it is not revealed and so it is highly suitable for family viewing .
7 If it is not set and you wish it to be then you should contact your LIFESPAN Manager .
8 If it is not set and you wish it to be then you should contact your LIFESPAN Manager .
9 If it is not found and harnessed , no tension will be felt by the participants and the experience will have no natural momentum .
10 We have a clear resolution that it objects to the new settlement on the basis that it is not needed and can not be justified .
11 Completed in 1869 , it is privately owned and in its heyday was a large linen warehouse , built of Scottish sandstone and designed in opulent Venetian Renaissance style .
12 Without help in the form of floor and room numbers , however , the individual within it is completely lost and disorientated .
13 Once again , it is generally understood and accepted that the weapons prohibited are not limited to those specifically mentioned in this Protocol or any other treaty , but extend to all those that come under this description or have this effect .
14 You can use frozen cod , but make sure that it is thoroughly defrosted and dried well on kitchen paper .
15 It is lavishly illustrated and presented and has assumed a pre-eminent position in its field .
16 President , Congress , the C E C does not lightly bring forward a motion which limits the right of appeal , but in these very special circumstances we feel it is both justified and necessary .
17 To assert that conduct is orderly is , from our point of view , to imply that it is directed by a sense of social propriety — that not only is it non-random but that it is both generated and limited by prescriptions and the possibility of sanction , in particular the sanction of expressed disapproval .
18 Often these compromise theories state , in effect , that punishment is only justified if it is both deserved and likely to have deterrent effects ( eg von Hirsch , 1976 : chs 5 and 6 ) .
19 This measure may be of use to health care planners , but , even if it is eventually validated and accepted as an equitable way of allocating resources , it will be of little help to general practitioners , whose decisions are mostly concerned with managing self limiting minor illnesses .
20 Well , it says on the bottom of the , your copy of the charge sheet , production of driving license you must produce it , failure to produce it will mean that it is automatically suspended and it also means you 've committed yet another offence by not having a driving licence here to produce Mr !
21 Failure to produce it will mean that it is automatically suspended and it also means you 've committed yet another offence by not having a driving licence here to produce Mr .
22 In part that might be explained in terms of the powers of resistance possessed by the bureaucracies under attack , so that whatever change is proposed it is soon absorbed and reinterpreted by the very groups it is intended to undermine .
23 Once a routine becomes boring it is soon forgotten and its benefits are lost .
24 It is best stacked and composted beyond the denitrification stage ( well rotted ) .
25 If we assume that you are writing on the right-hand page of an examination book or on loose examination sheets , bound at the top left-hand corner , then the identifying number of the question should be large so that it is easily seen and should be at the top right-hand corner .
26 A creamy glycerine-enriched lotion that smells faintly of cloves , it is easily absorbed and appears to fulfil its promise of keeping the skin moisturised and soft for at least eight hours after application .
27 Plasticine is a good medium for supporting all sizes of specimen as it is easily moulded and re-used .
28 If so , make a note on your file accordingly , as it is easily overlooked and your buyer client could end up being asked to pay that particular figure twice unless it is taken into account either at exchange of contracts or on completion .
29 Do not use zinc as a pure chemical with fish ; locked up in the seed it is slowly used and is not present in an overwhelming amount .
30 And thirdly , in order to unravel the totality of things that are and see how it is inwardly articulated and how it emanates into the diversity of the world as we experience in the ordinary way , your thought has to follow a special kind of logic , dialectical logic , which exhibits the process of thought and simultaneously the process of reality as one that proceeds by things being or things being said , and these giving rise to their opposites , to contradictions , and these contradictory moments or items being taken up in a greater , synthesizing whole .
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