Example sentences of "it [is] [adv] [verb] and " in BNC.

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1 a Tobby and they do this body camping , they have to do it early in the morning or late at night when it 's cool and it produces this liquid which verbella it 's already fermenting and at this
2 Down here it 's strictly hardcore and , as EPMD say , you can keep the crossover : local heroes Das EFX have , along with dancehall reggae , done much to take hip hop back underground .
3 It 's easily manipulated and it dries hard .
4 Trouble is , it 's easily mastered and very limiting — you might throw it high or low , but never wide .
5 It 's incorrectly built and it also appears to have been used as an excuse for fly tipping , and industrial fly tipping at that .
6 And a , and it 's double glazed and !
7 The hotplate is safe and easy to use — because it 's completely sealed and spills are easily wiped away .
8 It 's completely restored and it was used for several films — Macbeth and Becket , to name two of them .
9 Most of it 's vastly populated and punctuated by well defined compact small market towns and villages .
10 So everyone thinks that being the is being one that 's really gon na change the world , yeah and I think that the pattern he 's talking about it 's just resurfacing and resurfacing and resurfacing .
11 Well I suppose it 's it 's just to try and find out different opinions on on different wars and things like that .
12 If we make an acquisition , it 's just to tune and complement our business , ’ he said .
13 For me it 's just feel and the longer I stay out on the range , the more damage I do !
14 It 's also knowing and being interested in the history of things , which I do n't think Maggie has at all .
15 It 's well cut and made of high quality fabric that hangs beautifully , although it 's a little staid ; just the thing for the office .
16 Stable and comfortable on the back , it 's well made and functional .
17 I think it 's vital that any animal we hold in captivity , wild or otherwise is looked after properly and that it 's well done and for that you need help and guidance and you also need minimum standards to ensure it 's done well .
18 It 's well organised and nice and my daughter likes it .
19 If it 's well established and secure , then it 's in a better position to survive the rigours of recession than some fly-by-night box shifter .
20 No I thought , cos I , I remember reading erm I think it 's her father who owns one of the bookshops in Woodbridge and he had this book on display , you know he sort of erm advertised it if you like and it 's , it 's properly published and everything but he had it as a a book available in his store and there was an advert in the Anglian about it , and I remember reading that she said er that he said er cos it was his daughter who had the child , that it totally knocked them for six .
21 By midnight it 's really rocking and on into the early hours of the morning we adjourn to one of the best discos in Faliraki , Set Disco , where 18–30 Social members can get special discounts .
22 You ca n't adjust it , it 's way it 's originally designed and made .
23 It 's happening now , it 's always progressing and it 's always going on and you 're never going to reach an end point , you 're never going to reach a final point , whereas with something like history , I find it 's interesting , but you 're always going over and analysing what 's happened , it 's that much more backward looking , whereas science applied has got more constructive .
24 It 's a very distressing erm syndrome for many women and er there 's quite a lot of evidence that it 's hormonally linked and most women suffer from it in one way or another .
25 It 's beautifully designed and the freedom provided by banishing the conventional lead is very welcome indeed .
26 He thinks of his show — 6am until 9am — like a relationship ‘ in that it 's constantly changing and looking for a balance .
27 It 's like try and sit down and work out
28 It wo n't , for example , recognize joined-up writing and even with individual letters it 's so hit and miss that you ca n't write at any speed because you have to go back to correct all the mistakes it makes .
29 and things like that and it only , it 's only become and really it 's only actually set up as a business school quite recently as well , I mean what in the past ten years or something
30 It 's only washed and ironed yesterday .
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