Example sentences of "it [vb mod] be for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 It may be for everyone who comes to buy a ticket , but those who do choose to go are a small minority of the population .
2 They build up in your tank , unless replaced by regular water changes , and while fish seem able to stand a steady build -up , however unpleasant it may be for them , new fish will die when introduced to higher levels .
3 ‘ Actually , hard as it may be for you to believe , I did come for a reason . ’
4 ‘ Now it is a general rule , that no court of limited jurisdiction can give itself jurisdiction by a wrong decision on a point collateral to the merits of the case upon which the limit to its jurisdiction depends ; and however its decision may be final on all particulars , making up together that subject-matter which , if true , is within its jurisdiction , and , however necessary in many cases it may be for it to make a preliminary inquiry , whether some collateral matter be or be not within the limits , yet , upon this preliminary question , its decision must always be open to inquiry in the superior Court . ’
5 How terrible it must be for her to attend this service for Mrs Wright whose baby had survived and while the Padre was speaking the Collector accompanied his words with a silent , sympathetic prayer for Mrs Bennett : " O God , whose ways are hidden and thy works most wonderful , who makest nothing in vain , and lovest all that thou hast made , Comfort this thy servant whose heart is sore smitten and oppressed … " but the rest of the prayer was no longer in his mind , stolen no doubt by the foxes of despair that continued to raid his beliefs … in any case , it faded into a mournful reverie in which he sought an explanation for the death of Mrs Bennett 's child .
6 It must be for him to decide on the disposition of his force and the concentration of his resources on any particular crime or area .
7 It must be for him to decide on the disposition of his force and the concentration of his resources on any particular crime or area .
8 It is for the judge alone to determine facts upon which the admissibility of evidence depends and , similarly , it must be for him to satisfy himself as to matters involved in an application to stay because of abuse or , as the judge preferred , ‘ misuse ’ — of process .
9 And so it must be for your test , you see ?
10 ‘ I opened this by mistake , Oak , ’ he said , ‘ but it must be for you .
11 Whatever it might be for you , but something that you 're going to have to be thinking about , and while you 're thinking about that you can not be thinking about work .
12 If not it 'll be for me to tell her lovin' papa that his baby daughter is lost , and what 's the bettin' he 'll be over here on the fastest boat runnin' , to cut my throat for me if anything 's happened to her ? ’
13 Fifty P bet it 'll be for him !
14 No , ah , more senior than him , it 'll go to him too , but it 'll be for everybody 's
15 ‘ So you said — but that will never happen , Doreen , and the sooner you wake up to that fact , the better it 'll be for yourself . ’
16 so the more time you 've got to do that , the easier it 'll be for you wo n't it ?
17 How easy it could be for him — to simply sit in the cockpit of his Foxbat and fly to freedom .
18 I do n't know whether it was because he realised how hard it 'd be for us to get enough for both of us , or whether he knew he was off his head and needed someone around who was n't , y'know what I mean , to look after the kids and sort things out , like .
19 The further west Allied aircraft could be stationed , the easier it would be for them to protect the sea lanes which were vulnerable to enemy air power based in Sicily and Crete .
20 It would be for them to decide what to do with our report .
21 It would be for her a retreat , a spiritual renewal .
22 And it struck Shiona , not for the first time , as she looked into those blue , accusing eyes , how easy it would be for her to clear her name .
23 It was only after I had mentioned Miss Kenton that I suddenly realized how entirely inappropriate it would be for me to continue .
24 I thought what a good idea it would be for me to do the same and I kept this in mind .
25 I think if you were to use another sheet altogether it would be for me at least unnecessary work .
26 " It 's just that it 's all very well to talk about his responsibility and all that — nobody thinks how awful it would be for me to go crawling to him wailing , I 'm in tro-uble ?
27 I have kept my half of the bargain , though I never guessed how costly it would be for me .
28 It would be for me , ’ he said quietly .
29 Think back to Jem Higgins and ask yourself of what use it would be for me to preach your message to him . ’
30 A writer should suffer and all that — it would be for her own good in the long run .
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