Example sentences of "it [be] for him [verb] " in BNC.

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1 It 's for him to come down here and settle his debts , like everybody else in the valley .
2 Well I er do n't agree that there has been er understaffing and in the statement which I made to the House today I was able to point out what a very big increase in er the total complement of the prison officers has taken place during recent years , but it 's up to Lord Justice Woolf to look in to whatever evidence is put before him , it 's for him to look at the terms of reference and he will no doubt decide what is relevant and what is not .
3 He takes the understandable view that it is for him to take the first steps in Russia , which he is doing to keep the scientists in Russia .
4 Under the Electricity Act 1989 , it is for him to decide on the methodology for developing renewable energy in Scotland .
5 I want him to know how futile it is for him to try and escape my influence … "
6 The older the child is the harder it is for him to overcome his difficulty , but there are courses and there are techniques available which definitely do help children to overcome their problems with reading and with spelling and with language as a whole .
7 And he went and told them how necessary it was for him to go to Canada , in the interests of the firm .
8 The same day , Mobutu warned the conference against this course , asserting in a statement read on national radio that under the present Constitution it was for him to appoint the head of government .
9 Not only would I have refrained from interfering with Thorpe J. 's decision on the footing that he had properly directed himself and that it was for him to decide , but because , even on the facts as they then were , I consider that his decision was plainly right .
10 But Caspar , belatedly gallant , said that it was for him to lead the way .
11 At this moment it was for him to protect her , and he must find a way to do it .
12 He leaned forward , smiling , playing the perfect host , knowing how important it was for him to win these young men over .
13 So he said I I do n't want to keep you , and I I could see what struggle it was for him to come a er so often in the bad weather , that er I I started the same idea .
14 Similarly , directors have noted how rare it was for him to bring his natural rage into play on screen .
15 He avoided her glance , and she saw how difficult it was for him to admit to weakness .
16 In fact , Galileo 's Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina ( 1615 ) shows how difficult it was for him to pursue such an argument , even had he wished .
17 She told herself later that she could n't have been expected to remember what a knife-edge he lived on , how hard it was for him to trust anyone .
18 Most meal-times took an hour or more but she had realized how important it was for him to eat .
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