Example sentences of "it [be] not [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 If it were not known that pupil-dilation was intimately related to neurological functioning of the brain its absence in some cases of head injury might go unremarked ; but once its significance is appreciated , such a seemingly slight symptom assumes drastic importance .
2 So the , the May the fourth directive is not working because it 's not guaranteeing that the poor get enough to bring them up to the middle peasant status which is , is the aim .
3 So it 's jargon , it 's assuming people will pick things up as quickly as we have and it 's not recognising that people have different interpretations .
4 It 's not felt that your private life in terms of your political opinions will necessarily impinge on your public life , and , and to deprive somebody of the right to express their opinions in public would be regarded as an infringement of his civil liberties , which would be unthinkable in a republican erm situation .
5 ‘ I think you 'll find it 's not hate that makes you react as you do , Shannon .
6 It 's not to say that we are against capital projects , we are not .
7 It 's not to say that the positive news it does n't work if in fact it is of interest to people , and it strikes them as , as such , and there are all sorts of subterfuges incidentally ranging from using facts and statistics and which relate to people , to even actually using individual stories .
8 He does n't usually do that ; at least , it 's not known that he does .
9 But they also say in the alternative that that since the plaintiffs themselves were at this time by mid to late October of nineteen eighty five , not ready or able to complete it would have been improper erm for the defendant to advise the plaintiffs to serve a special notice to complete and my Lord the question that therefore arises er whether , even if that were correct , er and it 's not admitted that it is , that exonerates the defendants from given the advice er and whether they should still have advised the plaintiff erm of the opportunity which was open to him , that the plaintiff could if necessary take that course himself or be advised to go er elsewhere and be advised independently is er this is , this the point of the matter which he regarded as improper and was not willing to do it on the plaintiff 's behalf .
10 In the first place it is to be accepted that it is made in wide terms though it is not said that they are so imprecise that there is a doubt as to what is covered by the order .
11 This is , undoubtedly , an important precursor of rational service-level planning , although it is not to say that the service infrastructure will necessarily develop from individual service plans .
12 It is not presumed that a hunting-gathering society will possess a bureaucracy .
13 Within the state , the polis , all the inhabitants are rated as men , in the sense that they are not monsters ; but it is not assumed that , by virtue of being men , they are all of equal moral standing .
14 But unfortunately we can then easily imagine a context in which that sentence might be appropriately used , in which it is not assumed that John cheated : for example , you thought he had cheated , asked me whether he now repents , but I tell you he never did , and persuade you accordingly , and then I say so John does n't regret cheating ( Gazdar , 1979a : 105 ) .
15 ( 1 ) It is not argued that under English company law , or under the English law of mortgage , a foreign company , that is a company not formed and registered under the Companies Acts , lacks the requisite legal capacity to enter into a debenture secured by a floating charge on property both in England and abroad and conferring a power to appoint a receiver and manager over the whole , or substantially the whole , of its property .
16 It is not argued that any system of law other than English law applies to determine the legal status of the receivers appointed by the bank pursuant to the debenture .
17 Even if they are able to find employment or occupation , it is not felt that families should be forced to provide a home for their handicapped son or daughter until they are too old to do so , or that this is necessarily the best thing for the development of a mentally handicapped adult who could derive considerable stimulation and benefit from living apart from their family .
18 It is not felt that the danger is a real one because one can never control the discretion of trustees .
19 ( See Hall v Marians 19 TC 582 , Wild v King Smith 24 TC 86 , IRC v Gordon 33 TC 226 cf Lord Radcliffe in Thompson v Moyse 39 TC 29 at 337 ; it is not felt that Harmel v Wright 49 TC 149 at 159 alters the position because if one is " keeping one 's eye " ( p157E ) on the income and benefit it does not find its way to the United Kingdom ( it is hardly the case that the income and benefit " come in at one end of a conduit pipe and pass through certain traceable pipes until they come out at the other end to the taxpayer ( in the United Kingdom " ) ) . )
20 They begin to appear in the first quarter of the eighteenth century , a remnant of the funerary effigy , though it is not recorded that nobles , apart from those of royal blood , ever had them ( Cromwell and General Monck excepted ) .
21 ( 2 ) It is not disputed that the debenture , including the fixed and floating charge created by it , is to be construed according to English law which draws no distinction , in the case of an English company at least , between property located within and property located outside the United Kingdom : see In re The Anchor Line ( Henderson Brothers ) Ltd. [ 1937 ] Ch. 483 , 487 , 488 .
22 If it has that effect , it is not disputed that the rule of law applies , namely , that the release of one of two joint debtors has the effect of releasing the other .
23 It is not realised that in the seventies property crash only three major quoted property companies failed , Guardian Properties , Town & Commercial and Amalgamated Investment & Property .
24 I must tell you Minnie that things have not been good between my old beloved mistress and me which it is not fitting that I should now go into but this blow has brought us closer together in our love and concern for Miss Henrietta .
25 Richards suggests that ‘ since the Anglican Church in Wales was disestablished in 1919 , it is not fitting that a name associated with church organisation should be linked to a secular unit of local administration ( Richards 1983:39 ) .
26 An initial objection which he poses is , interestingly , that it is not fitting that a woman should represent a father .
27 It is not to deny that some culturally elaborated behaviour can usefully be explained from a biological perspective .
28 It is not intended that this plan should be ‘ cast in concrete ’ but , rather , that it should be flexible so that the school looks ahead but remains responsive to future changes in circumstances .
29 The agendas for the above 3 meetings will be issued in due course , but it is not intended that the reports should be circulated again ; spare copies of the reports are available for members , by telephoning me at the undernoted extension .
30 It is not intended that MAS specialists should offer advice where valuations are solely for tax purposes .
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