Example sentences of "it [be] [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Because if you do n't , ’ said Owen , ‘ I shall let it be generally known that Andrus has been giving money to the Moslems for them to use against Copts . ’
2 We are still negotiating , but let it be perfectly clear that we shall not accept a text that involves such a commitment .
3 The court said that there was no general rule that a valuation made on an " erroneous principle " ( which presumably means the same as a mistaken decision ) had to stand unless it were also shown that a valuation on the right principle would produce a materially different figure from the figure of the erroneous valuation : if there were such a rule , it would place on the objector the extra burden of making a fresh valuation which in its turn might also be rejected .
4 ( Such a theory involved denying the claims of James 's son , but doubts had been raised as to whether the Queen had really conceived the child , it being widely believed that the baby had been smuggled into the bed-chamber in a warming-pan . )
5 They were also admired for their military prowess , it being widely assumed that before the arrival of the British the Masai had been paramount among the tribes of East Africa ; they were ‘ aristocrats and formerly conquered east central Africa ’ .
6 " The Meeting considering that the number of useless Dogs in this Country are a great grievance , and that for many obvious reasons their number should be deminished. , and it being also represented that a number of Half Grayhounds very destructive to Hares are kept by Many This Meeting recommend to the Gentlemen of the different quarters of Islay to Intimate to the people of their neighbourhood that all useless and superflous Dogs are to be killed , and that the owner of any Dog found chasing Sheep or Lambs or running Hares shall be liable for the Damages , and the Meeting also recommend that no dog be seen at Church or other publick Meetings . "
7 This book is a contribution to the dissemination process and in attempting to make research ‘ user friendly ’ the style and language used are directed to non-academic readers primarily , it being well established that the language and presentation of academic research reports do not encourage wide readership .
8 So it 's equally unsurprising that he receives a steady stream of unsolicited portfolios from eager aspirants searching for their break .
9 It 's already heard that he and Greg Price had been friends .
10 It 's already known that women who take the contraceptive pill are much less likely to develop it .
11 So , it 's strongly recommended that you cultivate the use of chromatic notes which resolve to diatonic ones , both scalic and chordal .
12 Erm , it 's clearly states that a new settlement should be only contemplated where , and it 's my opinion , that all those factors need to be met and they are not weighted within that er paragraph .
13 It 's generally assumed that those who forego the pleasures of the flesh are elderly , but a report in the American Journal of Psychiatry reveals that 75pc are under the age of 38 .
14 It 's generally accepted that the ideal fitness programme is one that will push your pulse to between 70 and 80 per cent of your maximum heart rate and keep it there for at least 20 minutes , at least three times a week .
15 It 's generally accepted that oral contraceptives may slightly enlarge a woman 's breasts , but in a few exceptional cases it has had other more alarming side-effects .
16 It 's generally accepted that the herbage of this area produces the milk necessary to make a fine cheese .
17 It 's generally agreed that , given the constraints imposed by its function and the site , the power station is rather successful architecturally . ’
18 It 's generally agreed that I need looking after .
19 I always reckon it 's tremendously flattering that viewers want to talk to you when they meet you in the street .
20 Now then part of it is they ask me You do n't have to , but they ask me to ask people to sign erm to say It 's just to say that you do n't mind your conversation being used .
21 It 's just to say that I 'm going to Norwich for a couple of hours to buy some materials .
22 It 's just to say that it 's not going up as much as they thought .
23 No , I think it 's just , it 's just to ensure that there 's a recognition that there have been a number of partners , that have led to the creation of the project .
24 But it 's also fears that the Party itself is becoming too radical too , they always want to control two elements and I mean on the last page , point number sixteen it says that how that erm tt that how that the Communist Party members ought to refrain from securing undue benefits by taking advantage of their leading position .
25 It 's also proof that quality attracts loyalty , said a spokesman .
26 It 's also suggested that we have to look at the funding issues .
27 Yet it 's also claimed that a primary characteristic of the play is that element of redemption which binds together all your work .
28 And it 's also known that breastmilk has a special value for babies most vulnerable to infection , for example those born ill or premature .
29 To the actress Joyce Carey in the crowded foyer of the Old Vic : ‘ But Joyce , it 's well known that Shakespeare sucked Bacon dry . ’
30 It 's well known that the universe verse is infinite .
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