Example sentences of "you just [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 so I actually took it the other way that , you know , do you just want a cup of tea .
2 Could you just drop a note in to the Town Clerk as to where that is ?
3 With the old method it would take you hours looking through files , but with the computer you just push a button and it tells you right away .
4 You just dropped a pencil .
5 Now someone else told me , and it worked , and if you just lay a piece of kitchen paper over the top , that absorbs some of the moisture
6 Now if it means critically evaluate and discuss w it does n't mean you just write a load of criticisms of it .
7 In reality you just invent a tale , as if you were sitting round a fire in a cave . ’
8 You can get brown without burning , and restrict sun damage , if you just take a bit of care and be scrupulous about protection .
9 But in that case you just take a piece of new paper and put the down and put it on the clip .
10 And then you just make a mess of what you 've already got .
11 Ca n't you just do a find ?
12 And this is nice if you just use a capful in a drawn bath .
13 They can also be used for tests for structural change , right , what we 're going to do is to say during peacetime right , we 'll estimate our model , we 'll then estimate our model during wartime and we 're going to assume that the coefficients or the income and price elasticity mark , do n't change during between peace and wartime , all that happens is as they intercept this model shifts , right , now you may thinks that 's not particularly er attractive , you might expect the price of income elasticities to change between two periods and we could actually use dummy variables to see whether that is the case , right , however , we 'll get very similar results , right , if you just use a slope dummy so it 'd intercept dummy , right , and all that 's going to do is to say , well the model runs like this in peacetime , right , and then wartime it suddenly shifts up or down depending on the effect of er of the war on textile consumption .
14 You just drill a couple of holes in the back you need
15 Erm a very minor point , when you get it , those who have got it already , would you just draw a line from the top line which says discussed criteria , down to the box which says evaluate sectors around York etcetera .
16 The main thing is to get a piece of paper between each piece of glassware so that if it does move , And if you j you just pack a piece of paper in er er fold it over a little er and push it in , i i so you stop movement .
17 But me , I think you just earning a living .
18 Could you just hold a moment ? ’
19 Well at that time you did n't leave out money so you just left a couple of tokens tokens
20 If er if you were going out and you knew the coal man might be round that day so you just left a couple of coal tokens out at the door or whatever .
21 If you just put a pipe straight in the end of the liquid it would suck the liquid up .
22 it you just put a stroke through it .
23 In a final year paper you just put a line through that and say , that does n't answer the question .
24 And you just put a drop in there , heated and leave it till it hardens and then sandpaper it down level .
25 You just put a lick of paint again , wo your tiling 's awful int it ?
26 Thank you , that was lovely , lovely , lovely , erm it 's Mr , erm , and I suppose we ought to , no , ju ju just can you just pause a mo on it please because I 'm just looking at the possibilities , there are two names that John has found us instrumentations .
27 You just had a curry ?
28 This stage of training an owl is much more difficult than doing the same stage with a falcon , because with a falcon you just stick a hood over its head and let it get used to all the different noises .
29 I mean , you get meters normally , the meters we 've got at work and you just turn a knob and it 's got ohms , volts , amps frequency you know , whatever .
30 Right you just fill a form in ?
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