Example sentences of "you 've be [vb pp] to " in BNC.

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1 For white middleclass males , however , pride and dignity has little resonance , when all your life you 've been trained to be aspirational and competitive .
2 Cavell says you 've been invited to the awards ceremony , and she 's asked the organisers to seat us together .
3 She said , ‘ I 'm sure you 've been invited to the wedding next week . ’
4 Therefore , if you 've been exposed to the possibility of infection and have puzzling symptoms , see your doctor at once .
5 The only county-wide survey , the one of importance to you ma'am is contained within the North Yorkshire Conservation Strategy of which I think you 've been referred to already .
6 If you 've been used to linear note-taking for many years , you 'll need to persevere with the Buzan method .
7 When you 've been used to that for sixty-two years , hot water and a flushing toilet do come as something of a culture shock .
8 You 've been seconded to my department .
9 I 've already mentioned the groups that you 've been allocated to .
10 So you 've been demoted to post-boy ? ’
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