Example sentences of "you [modal v] [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Now as you let's have a look at er the track layout of the place .
2 Of course you may specify a time : ‘ Come away from the edge of the platform immediately ! ’ ,
3 Although you may drop a dress size or see the scales tipping in your favour after only a week or two , all too often the results are short-lived .
4 Unless you think it 's really necessary and then you may drop a hint .
5 You may choose a video for the subject matter covered or for the instruction in a particular technique .
6 With luck you may effect a recapture the same day by one or other of the methods described .
7 Keep an eye open and you may spot a barnacle goose or a Bewick 's swan .
8 The general answer is that you may copy a sound cassette or a video tape or disc for private use , but if it is copied again and again for commercial gain it is a clear breach of copyright and could lead to legal action .
9 You may meet a saddler who is the sixth generation of his family to carry on making bell harnesses .
10 You may bring a woman photographer , ’ Felipe de Santis said coldly , turning back to her with an astonished look that she should consider questioning him .
11 But if this is your only way of relaxing then you may acquire a weight problem .
12 It does not matter that you may perceive a witness to be a witness for the opposition ; although it will happen rarely , if they are prepared to see you , go and see them .
13 This can reduce weight but it also constitutes drug-taking , for which you may face a lifetime ban .
14 And however tasteless you may think a gift is , it does n't automatically make it useless .
15 If you are undecided whether to apply , you may visit a Government Department during vacation in order to see what goes on , your reasonable expenses being refunded .
16 FROM THE STRAND , once more the beach that its historic name suggests , you may board a vaporetto to take in the Houses of Parliament , Westminster Abbey , Buckingham Palace and other principal sights .
17 A cross on the line for a V neck front program indicates where you may make a change .
18 You may make a comment Dr .
19 N.B. You may make a claim if your cancellation falls within the terms of the insurance policy negotiated by HCI with the Norwich Union , if you have taken that cover .
20 The Scheme ensures that you may make a claim for any lapse in service within the four specified guarantees .
21 However , if we do fail to meet any of the above standards , providing your accounts is in good standard , you may make a claim by writing to :
22 In addition to using these queries directly , you may make a copy of the SQL command files and extend and/or customise them to suit your own needs .
23 You may make a switch of this kind after starting at the Bar .
24 You may make a product reference an unapproved product package .
25 You may make a complaint by using a special complaint card which will be seen by the manager of the Home .
26 You may want a show prospect , an obedience or trials dog , or just a pet .
27 Since drink is the focus of the exercise , you may want a glass or two ( preferably of dry white wine ) , but the sooner you can move onto mineral water the better .
28 Now it 's all over , you may feel a bit of rest and recuperation is in order .
29 At times you may feel a bit down or out of touch with those around you , however , one matter needs your attention and a new business venture is also worth thinking about things decorating or maintenance as necessary , a telephone call will bring surprising news .
30 In the first few days of the experiment , you may feel a need for sweetness : make sure you have enough dried fruits or artificial sweeteners to satisfy cravings .
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