Example sentences of "that you have been given " in BNC.

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1 Some might say that you 'd been given a job and failed to do it .
2 He was about five-feet tall , but he had an enormous ability to make you feel that you had been given a real challenge and it seemed all-important to discharge it to his satisfaction and he was equally praising of your achievement .
3 And usually you 'll work with the angle that you 've been given rather
4 Right , okay , so has everybody created a constant right , what we are going to do now is to er estimate the first model right equation one on the sheets that you 've been given , alright , you 've created a constant , we 've got our variables L N T C L N I L N P
5 Okay , what I 'd like to do now is to go through the pads that you 've been given .
6 As long as I know that I 'm right er and say well I 'm quite willing to look at the figures that you 've been given , but these are the figures that are right but I will look at them erm and I , and I certainly would n't er confront it much more than that .
7 I am therefore pleased to advise you that you have been given the contract for the delivery of 40 ZX Computex reader printers at £75 per drop , making a total charge of £3000 .
8 There must also be no opportunity for anyone to claim that you have been given , or are giving , preferential treatment which puts you or others at an advantage , for example , over other organisations who may be tendering for the same work or other colleagues working for the organisation .
9 It 's really a record simply that you have been given the authority .
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