Example sentences of "that it be for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 It is clearly laid down in the Act that it is for them to consider whether or not the nuisance exists , whether or not it has been abated , and whether it still exists , and , if it does , it is for them to consider which of the requirements of the abatement notice are to be carried out or how otherwise the nuisance is to be abated .
2 He takes the understandable view that it is for him to take the first steps in Russia , which he is doing to keep the scientists in Russia .
3 As is usual , our report is provided on the basis that it is for your information only and that it will not be quoted or referred to , in whole or in part , without our prior written consent .
4 It had taken a week to obtain , and had Hapsburg officialdom realized that it was for him rather than Aranyos it would have been unlikely to arrive before the end of the war .
5 Not only would I have refrained from interfering with Thorpe J. 's decision on the footing that he had properly directed himself and that it was for him to decide , but because , even on the facts as they then were , I consider that his decision was plainly right .
6 But Caspar , belatedly gallant , said that it was for him to lead the way .
7 ‘ I do n't think Simone would have mentioned it if she had n't felt that it was for your own good , ’ he murmured .
8 ‘ I thought you were going to tell me at least that it was for my own good .
9 Perhaps just because she was Bob 's fiancée — but Tessa felt that it was for herself as well .
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