Example sentences of "that you have [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Erm on , on yours in fact I could n't check sequence erm on the programme that you 'd given me because I did n't , I , I had know way of telling whether we did get a clash .
2 But would n't you feel a lot better if you knew that you 'd kicked him back — and that he knew it too ?
3 ‘ But , in the end , it was more useful to me to get her to think that you 'd done it … .
4 You could achieve an effect just as good as that of the real thing , and have the pleasure of knowing that you 'd done it all yourself !
5 ‘ I did n't say I was sorry that you 'd done it . ’
6 That you 'd done it .
7 Oh it were your mam , I think your mam told me that you 'd got it out .
8 When I made love to you , and then , even more devastating , discovered I was the first , that you 'd chosen me to be your first lover , it was like … capturing the castle , stealing the Crown Jewels … ’
9 ‘ A pity that you had to lose her and earn your own living . ’
10 But if you were locking up or cautioning , that was different — but you had to put it in your book that you had cautioned her .
11 I can see now that you had to test me a little .
12 I told her that you had sent me to try to trap her into making unwary and unguarded statements and unwittingly to betray herself .
13 Not really with me … ’ she paused and looked up into Miss Hatherby 's troubled face ‘ … she felt that you had done it because you did n't approve . ’
14 And if you did palm it off as a fact , it would be no excuse that you had done it non-linguistically : for example , by including clips from Sherlock Holmes movies in old newsreels as if they were genuine news items .
15 What happened to the one that you had did you give it back in ?
16 And it must be a burden , knowing that your family thought you a cheat , knowing that you had hurt them , and would continue to hurt them until you died .
17 ‘ My love , ’ he said , ‘ what was so urgent that you had to summon me so soon after we parted yesterday afternoon ?
18 ‘ I did not know that you had bought her a ring today , until we came back , ’ she said .
19 the accident happened during a period of continental use that you had told us about .
20 the accident happened during a period of continental use that you had told us about .
21 the accident happened during a period of continental use that you had told us about .
22 the accident happened during a period of continental use that you had told us about .
23 And erm the provivo proviso was that you had to pay it back though .
24 Leeds are aggressive so you 're always quite glad that you 've beaten them but .
25 And it 's good to know if you , when you know you 've got to have to build teams , that you 've done it before .
26 ‘ Well , I suppose now that you 've dragged it out of Edna , I shall have to say that I remember a man and my mother in a yellow frock looking unusually pretty and being angry that they would n't take any notice of me when I tried to get their attention .
27 The the Council looking at the whole process of how it spends it money what it does , I think the theatre the start of this evening we were looking quite close about what we do and how we do it what we do n't do and what we should do and I think from what 's been said this evening will be re look closely the questions you 've raised things that you 've raised we 'll report it back to you in the hope of this meeting that we 'll actually moved forward because I think it 's in everybody interest everybody 's interest if the playhouse closes .
28 ‘ Now that you 've lost him , you 'd better find him . ’
29 Now that you 've freed her a little from my demands , you see … ’
30 If I actually follow you down the street in order to be sure that you do n't throw it away or forget to post it , for instance , then I at one and the same time become certain that you 've posted it and display a lack of faith that you will do so .
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