Example sentences of "that i be give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Bowe has always said that I am the man he wants more than anybody and now that I am giving him the perfect opportunity , he is shying away from it .
2 Anne is abroad at the moment , doing some research , but she left a message with someone that I 'm to give her a ring when she gets back .
3 So , it 's three units that I 'm giving my siblings .
4 the work that I was giving him
5 We 've just finished the first round of waivers for people receiving the Home Care Service , and the criteria that I was giving you reflected those , and so when you get your letter , if you feel that you 've got particular financial problems or particular family situations we should take into account , erm then do get in touch with us and we 'll process it and we 'll set out a procedure for you in the letter that we send .
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