Example sentences of "that i [verb] [pers pn] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 It was n't till years later that I realised they had n't even remembered to ask if f was a lesbian .
2 It was n't until he asked if he could take some off that I realised he had got himself well wrapped up — with 24 articles of clothing , ’ said Taylor .
3 It was just as I was sitting down in the living room with my cup of coffee that I realised I 'd left my bag on the train .
4 It was only on re-reading Szasz that I realised I had been touched on a sensitive spot — the struggle for individual identity — and that that spot was central to the problem of anorexia nervosa .
5 Later in that passage he wrote : ‘ It was n't until thirty years later when I saw her in another woman [ Elizabeth Taylor ] that I realised I had been searching for her all my life . ’
6 It was then that I realised I needed some first aid training . ’
7 That was the point that I heard him make in Brighton .
8 ‘ Except that I heard you threaten to . ’
9 ‘ It was just that I heard it call so I knew there must be one about . ’
10 Put against the letters that I wrote they 've all been sent out .
11 I recall vividly one member of the aristocracy who was in such a state about being interviewed on TV that he insisted that I help him go through a half bottle of whisky first .
12 As I entered the committee room from the standard uncarpeted passage , I was given a friendly and businesslike handshake by the chairman , Lord Franks , who had courteously got out of his chair to greet his witness — an unfailing politeness that I gather he extended to every other witness .
13 And the truth that I insist I have discovered about the animal world is that it is never , ever boring .
14 Not that I wish to say , he wrote , that everything is inevitable , on the contrary , I wish to assert emphatically that nothing is inevitable and nothing was inevitable , neither what I did nor what I thought , neither what I felt nor what I suffered , yet everything was necessary , a necessary beginning and necessary Harsnet ( typed Goldberg ) is misleading , since it was only after I had begun that I knew I had begun , while before I had begun , before the 27 July 1967 , there was no beginning , as there was no end , there was no time and there was no freedom from time , only endless cups of coffee , endless cups of tea , endless biscuits and endless bacon sandwiches .
15 You , who wanted me to enter you on the same night , with the same sound still in my head , a sound that I knew I had somehow , somewhere , heard before .
16 It looked like half a letter T. The needle was so bent that I knew I knew that I would not be able to remove it in the usual way , so I took my heavy pliers ( the ones with which I behead the Passap/Pfaff needles when they got damaged ) and cut off the top of the needle , below the bend .
17 It was so clear that I knew I 'd been blind .
18 ‘ In those Go-away times that I knew you had I should have guessed you needed help . ’
19 Although Korda was now more of a financier than an active producer , it was his suggestion that led Graham Greene to visit Austria to see if he could find the background in the four-power occupation of Vienna which would inspire him to extend his one-line story : ‘ I had paid my last farewell to Harry less than a week ago , when his coffin was lowered in the frozen February ground , so that it was with incredulity that I saw him pass by , without a sign of recognition , among the host of strangers in the Strand . ’
20 So the decision was made for me , you see , it was only afterwards that I saw I had taken quite a step — a leap in the dark , in fact .
21 In terms of a planning process Anne was talking about , you 'll have to forgive me for being relatively new to Oxfordshire and coming from an area where we had a planning system which was largely the one I was describing , and the planning role that I saw I wanted to develop was very much already mentioned which was actually going round to small groups of people , to the local caring groups on a much more informal basis , and getting their contribution about that and then feeding it back into the system , which you say is there in a sense .
22 This , in turn , improved my singles game considerably and I won the Baghdad Open one year playing against Indians in the main , who were horrified that I insisted we played in the heat of a Baghdad afternoon when it was normally well over 110° in the shade , and there was no shade — mad dogs and Scotsmen !
23 I thought to myself when it was erm , advertised on television , I thought I 'll tape that I bet I know well you 'll be interested in that .
24 ‘ I said I was subject to them , not that I let them rule me ! ’
25 May I remind you that I let you go ?
26 ‘ Meaning that I let you kiss me once I realised that was your intention , because I too thought that it would serve a purpose and stop Terry Lewis making any more waves .
27 ‘ If you had n't known before , it must surely have occurred to you then , that it was a measure of my besottedness that I let you get away with it . ’
28 I 've got another I 've got someone I 'm supposed to ring up and somebody else that I 've I 've got a lesson starting soon .
29 But erm er on on on the figures that I 've I 've submitted , erm we 've already got three of those five districts have got s fairly high affordable housing percentage requirements .
30 It 's just that I 've I mean I want a curtain there as well because otherwise it all looks a bit heavy but I do n't think I could put a blind down there because of the way
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